BB, CC, DD, EE? Your A-Z on Facial Creams

Let's face it: you've walked into the store a couple of times and noticed these double letters on many makeup products. These alphabet creams may be all the rage now, but what do they really mean? Do they even stand for something at all? And how do you know which letter to choose for your skin type? Fret not! Read on below to decode the meaning behind BB, CC, DD and even EE.



1. BB, aka The Blemish Balm

BB, which stands for blemish balm, is a good face cream that you should consider if you want something that results in a natural look. It comes with sheer, hydrating coverage and all the benefits of a serum, moisturizer, primer, foundation and sunblock in one. The coverage is good enough for you to cover up blemishes and scars. BB cream may be limited in shades, but is recommended for sensitive skin, to minimize pores and to brighten up your complexion. (Suitable for: Dry/sensitive skin types)


2. CC, aka The Colour Corrector

CC stands short for colour correction. It is not that different from BB's properties, but is often more matte and has a heavier consistency when compared to its counterpart. With CC, you can colour-correct your skin tone. Tip: Purple/pink CC cream is used to correct yellow spots, green CC cream is used to cancel out redness, and orange CC cream can be used to counter bluish under eye circles. This does not mean CC is equivalent to concealer, however, as concealers have much more thicker coverage than CC creams do. CC cream is also recommended for those with acne and age spots. (Suitable for: Oily skin types)


3. DD, aka The Daily Defense or Dynamic Do-all

DD is short for daily defense. What it means by daily defense is the SPF it provides compared to both BB and CC. Some BB and CC creams may not come with sunscreen protection, so you can be sure to count on the DD cream - which always comes with SPF. It is not so different from BB and CC, as it is just a part of the companies' marketing strategy. DD is recommended for those who want to focus on anti-aging and are constantly outdoors. (Suitable for: Aging skin types) 


4. EE, aka The Extra Exfoliator

EE stands for extra-exfoliation, or even effect. Much like the previous three creams, EE comes with all those basic benefits mentioned, only with exfoliant. It claims to promote skin cell regeneration after exfoliating it, resulting in a youthful glow. EE however does not provide as much coverage as BB and CC creams -  it mostly utilizes silicones and polymers to blur the skin in order to hide pores and wrinkles. EE cream is not recommended for daily basis, as exfoliating your skin is a process that should only be kept to few times a week. (Suitable for: All skin types)


In conclusion, these double letter creams are meant to be added as the last step to your skincare regime, or to function as makeup primer before a heavy makeup routine. Nevertheless, these creams are definitely similar to one another, hence read lots of reviews before purchasing any of them in order to make a wise decision for yourself. 

So, are you the type to use these double letter creams? Or would you rather stick to tinted moisturizers and basic sunscreens? Let us know in the comment section below!