Dare to Nurse in Public? 5 Fashion Pieces That Will Help You Out

There has been many hush hush in the mommyhood world about breastfeeding in public. On the other hand,  it's mommies against the world trying to shed off the public shame while hustling to feed the poor wailing babies. They're trying not to appear obscene which might result in offending passersby as though they are putting a free show. Nothing to watch, here! Now move along... 

Here are some tips on what to wear while still holding the status of being a hardcore nursing mother.

1. Front zip


If breastfeeding was a trip to Maldives, front zip tops or dresses would be your cruise ship, taking you across the ocean through the breezy air. This is the obvious choice of not going through such a pain when whipping out one of those mammaries. All you need now is just a nursing cover to go behind the scene. The same goes to the tip no. 2 below.


2. Button up shirt

Copenhagen str S18 117.jpg

Career women and button up shirts are synonym to one another. While this is not as express as a zipper, it does the job fair and square. Nobody would give the time of the day to think that your corporate look serves more than just fulfilling company's dress code. 


3. Drop down hijab/shawl


Let's agree to agree that drop down hijab is the ultimate no. 1 trick to an easy route to breastfeeding in public. Pair it with a front zip top or button up shirt, you are good to go anytime and anywhere. Talk about being invincible! 


4. Loose top

New York str S17 1208.jpg

Gathered top on the neck or chest can be one heck of a style that is evergreen and technically convenient for mothers because of its loose and relax fit. In just a second, slipping in your hungry little munchkin underneath your top becomes an effortless call of duty. 


5. High Waist skirt


This is a trick up the sleeves for those who are cautious about accidentally showing some skin while breastfeeding under their top. High waist skirts help to cover up the front and back of your body so you can nurse confidently in public. 

Do you have any tips of your own, mommies? Share with us in the comment box!