Fitness Rules to Follow for a Healthy 2018

Okay, it is the early of the year and it is definitely the time for new beginnings. Have you started to make any changes for 2018? As you may know, fitness will always be a resolution goal a majority of us put on our list every single year whether we achieve it or not in the past. However, you could definitely tick it off your New Year resolution list this year as there are a few simple fitness rules you can follow to slowly become a healthier you! Take a look below.

1.     No sweets


Stay away from all the sodas, sweetened drinks, candies, ice creams and chocolates. If you have a sweet tooth, dibble on a piece of fruit instead. Trust me, holding yourself off from these types of sweets will definitely make a huge difference in your diet.


2.     Plain water all the way


Since you are staying away from the soda and sweetened drinks, drinking eight glasses of plain water every single day is crucial to detoxify yourself. Being dehydrated will definitely make you low on energy and will tend to eat more. Not only that, drinking a sufficient amount of water will elevate your mood and help keeping you healthy from the inside and out. Therefore, drink up gal!


3.     Move your body


No matter how lazy you are, move your body every chance you get whether taking the stairs at work, walking to the nearest store or squeezing even 10 minutes per day to do some workout moves at home, it is better than doing nothing at all to burn off those extra calories. If you want to get in the mood, wear a nice sportswear and exercise.


4.     Do not skip breakfast


Never ever skip breakfast as it helps generate your energy in the morning and will make you eat a little less at lunch. There is nothing wrong in having a big breakfast as you have hours of burning off what you eat the entire day.


5.     Fruit & Veggies


Put fruits and vegetables more into your diet as it help nourish your body. Eat less carbs and more protein to feel more productive to go about your day. The chance in your diet will definitely make a difference as you will feel better about yourself. You will feel lighter than you started and have more energy when eat healthily.


So are you ready to follow these fitness rules? Share with us the change you are making this year.