How to Experience the Ultimate Night of Pampering

Every now and then we would absolutely need a night of relaxing. After working hard and keeping up with your daily tasks, you deserve a night of pampering which you could definitely take place at your own home. Once you take that nice hot shower and feel more refreshed, follow these ultimate tips for that perfect night of pampering.

1.    Wash your face


Wash your face with your normal facial cleanser from the excess oil and dirt your face picked up throughout the day. Your face will feel more fresh and smooth. Rinse with cold or lukewarm water and dab off with a clean towel.


2.    Comb, comb, comb


Once your wet hair is dried off with the hair dryer, comb it thoroughly to untangle any twists. It will make your hair easier to manage in the morning especially if you are in a rush to go to work. Once your hair is nicely combed, tie it in a bun so when you are asleep it will not get tangled again.  


3.    Apply night serum


The face will get dehydrated especially if you sleep with the air conditioning on. Apply your favourite night serum to repair your damaged skin cells and keep your skin more moisturized.


4.    Put your face mask on


For a boost of power to your skin, put on a facial mask on for about 15 to 20 minutes. Let it absorb into your skin and relax the night away while watching your favourite Netflix show. You will definitely realize that your skin will be left smooth and supple once you wake up in the morning.


5.    Lotion power


Who says you only need to keep your face moisturized at night? Complete the night beauty routine off by applying lotion to your arms and legs. This will make you go to sleep feeling more relaxed smelling the nice scent of lotion on your body the whole night.


What better way to complete the ultimate pampering session by lying in bed catching up your favourite show or scrolling down your social media pages until you fall asleep. So how do you enjoy that perfect night pampering session in your home? Share it with us down below.