How to Let Go in Life


No matter what the situation, letting go of something is not easy whether it's a favourite dress, a feeling, that delicious looking chocolate cake (while you're counting calories), turning down a job offer or even watching your child grow up and enter school! So how can one toughen up their act and just let it go? Here are some things you can say to yourself when you find it hard to let go of certain things or situations. It might hit a spot so carry on reading.

 1. There's Plenty Of Fish In The Sea


This supposedly comforting phrase is usually given to someone who just broke up. It may sound cliche but it is something one can seriously consider when getting over the one who went away. Break ups are never easy and in time one will be able to let go of their past, attain peace of mind and move on when they discover the truth behind the saying. On the contrary, if you’re the one having to leave a bad relationship, then take courage in the fact that you need to get rid of all the toxic in your life so you can stay sane. So, just let it go and move towards greater shores (fish in the sea).


2. Give to the needy


So you just love shopping and buying clothes or shoes. But after a while you realize that you may need a new cupboard or worse, a whole new room just to store them! Hence in the spirit of de-cluttering, let them go! Many unfortunate people out there are in need of some clothing so why not be charitable by donating some of yours that you no longer can fit into or have just outgrown. Not only will you clear your cupboard but you'll get the satisfaction from doing so. Or if you're the profit minded kind why not sell those pre-loved items that are still in good condition and cash in on your treasures.


3. Healthy isn't boring


This is difficult to believe (or chant to yourself) but at some point you have to start saying no to that second serving of ice cream or pudding (which is very hard sometimes..), start eating in moderation and choosing healthier options. We all need to let go of our unhealthy lifestyle for the sake of our own well-being and God willing, an extended lifetime on this earth. So do some research and find yourself some healthy recipes to try. Believe me, healthy food can be very appealing and filling so say goodbye to all those bad food and welcome in the better choices.


4. Let Them Fly

kid going to school.jpg

If you have kids you can probably relate to this. Watching your child grow up and start school for the first time may be tough for some parents to handle. But know that the time has come to gradually let their tiny hands go and see them progress into the real world without you by their side. Being mentally prepared for that moment and training them earlier on to handle stuff on their own can help ease your worries a bit so let them fly and have faith that things will eventually take its own course.


Change is inevitable and letting go of something in order to progress or to just live a much happier and healthier life is what all of us need to do at one point in our life. If letting go means losing out on certain things, try and remember that what is lost is often replaced with something better. So are there other sayings or tips you know that can help people to let go more easily? Do share some below.