How to Prepare for The Rainy Season

The rainy season is the time of the year when most of the regions occur. It usually lasts one or more months. The weather turns cold and you need to keep yourself equipped for this rainy season. Here are some tips to prepare when you are on the go or even at home.

1) Umbrella

Make sure you have a portable umbrella or rain coat in your bag whenever you’re out. You should also have an umbrella in your car to avoid getting your clothes wet when going to work or school. It helps you feel secured that you are ready to face the day with confidence.


2) Prepare an emergency kit

Make sure you have an emergency kit at your home that consists of the below just to in case blackout because of thunderstorms. You do not want to bump in furnitures while searching for these items so keep it prepared in a box somewhere easy to locate in your home.

  • Flash lights
  • Batteries
  • First aid kits
  • Candles
  • Lighters
  • Emergency lights
  • Water
  • Foods


3) Hot drinks

Make sure you have a thermo flask or thermo pot at home or during work, drink more hot drinks to warm your body and avoid for getting sick. Comfy blankets can help too. Put some lemon in it too to keep yourself a bit more protected from the flu. 


4) Fix the leak before it rains

Check your roof before it starts leaking. Make sure the entire crack fix before it rains. 


5) Close all your windows and doors


Close all the windows and doors in your home. You don't want the splashes of rain dripping into your house. 


6) Keep your pet safe

Keep your pet in your home whenever it rains. Let them wear pet clothes if needed. Make sure their food and drinks are always filled up. Rainy days makes them hungry and in the mood to rest indoors.


Do you have any better ideas to prepare for the rainy season? Do share you tips in the comment box below.