Things Men Do Only If They Are Crazy About You

Are in a relationship with someone special? Whether you just started the relationship or have been dating for years, it is normal for a woman to know if a man is head over heels over you. If you are clueless on how to detect if a man is crazy about you, here are some signs or things that men do only if they are falling in love with you. Check them out below.

 1.    Hold Your Purse

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It cannot be denied that some men may find holding his partner’s purse deems out his masculinity. It is not on the list of things he would like to do. However, if a man is really crazy about you, they would not care what others think of them and helping to hold your purse is his top concern. Whether you are browsing through clothing racks or catching up with a friend, holding your purse is something he would not mind at all.


2.    Tampon Shopping


No man would love doing this but if their partner needs help for them to run out and so some tampon shopping, if he really is falling for you, he would definitely help. Even if he is caught by his friends in the ladies aisle, it won’t faze him or feel embarrassed by it.


3.    Defend You


A man who adores you will defend you no matter what. He will passionately defend you if someone disrespects you and stands up for you when someone attacks you verbally. He will always be there whenever you need someone to protect you.


4.    Watch Rom-Coms


Okay, men hate watching rom-coms as they prefer to spend their time watching thriller or action movies. So if they give in to your rom-coms desire, it shows they truly want to spend time with you even if it means watching some rom-com movies together.


5.    Take Care When You Are Sick


If a guy brings you chicken soup, Panadol or even take you to the clinic, his gesture definitely tells you that he cares and wishes you to get better soon. He takes the effort to make sure you are taken care of without the need of saying it. His action is what matters the most.


So how do you know if a man really is crazy about you? Share it in the comment section below.