Things You Should Not Do After a Breakup

Okay, we all know that breakups can be painful and trying to move on may be difficult especially if you have been in a long term relationship. You may get caught up in your emotions of wallowing, reminiscing the past and figuring out what you did wrong in the relationship. Yes, you may take some time to cry and let all your emotions out. You can do it privately or confide in your best friends but do not let it control you. Here are things that you should not do after a breakup.

 1.    Rebound


As much fun as it can be to move on to another person to forget about your pain, do not ever rebound. Why? This is because the person may have fallen for you and you will hurt them back. You do not want others to feel the pain that you are feeling. Worst case scenario, you will end up doing something you will regret with the rebound guy. So before you move on to a new relationship, make sure you are truly over your feelings towards your ex.


2.    Binge Eat


Girl, you may have the urge to stay at home to wallow and binge eat just because food makes you happy. Well, you could probably do it for a day or two during the beginning but please stop it immediately. You do not want to look like a mess because of one person. Take control of your life and take your breakup as a motivation to start your journey to fitness. Show your ex what they have been missing! It is definitely a great subtle revenge on your part.


3.    Stalking


You may feel tempted to check out what your ex is currently doing or who the new boo is but resist that temptation. If you haven’t really gotten over the ex, stop all the social media stalking and asking about the ex through your mutual friends. Try to take your single days to start fresh and achieve your dreams. This will help you stop from comparing your lives to one another until your heart is healed.


4.    Don’t Cling to Their Stuff


Whether it is a shirt, photographs and old gifts, do not cling on to their stuff. This will just make miss him or her more and hoping to win them back. Stop right there! Pack them up in a box and return to sender. If your ex does not want it back, just throw it away. Although this does take a lot of strength but trust us, you will definitely feel that you took a step into the right direction.


So how do you handle your previous breakups? Feel free to share your personal experiences down below.