Ways to Clean Up Your Makeup Tools & Brushes

Makeup and women can never be parted. Whether it is lipstick, powder, foundation, mascara or eyeliner, it definitely serves a great purpose for the ladies. When you have some makeup, of course you need a set of makeup brushes or tools too. Do you clean your makeup brushes regularly? Do you know, why we should clean them?

If you are someone who always uses makeup brushes, you should not skip this crucial beauty step which is to make sure your makeup tools are kept clean. This is because every single time you use your makeup brush, oil, dirt and bacteria are trapped in the bristles. When the makeup brushes become dirty, your application will be spotty and difficult to blend in your makeup well.

Here are some ease ways to clean your makeup tools or brushes.

1. Rinse your brush with normal water or lukewarm water.

2. Place a little shower soap at your palm or brush cleaning map, then slowly rub your brush with downward angle. Make it for several times, until no make – up effect are left.

3. Rinse clean your make up brushes with normal water.

4. To make sure your make brushes are clean, place a little makeup remover at your palm, then rub your brush slowly. Make it several times, until no makeup effect are left.

5. Rinse clean again, your make up brush with normal water.

6. Take a small towel, then place all your make up brush. Wait until the brush dry, then you can use it like usual.


Pretty easy right? Hopefully this simple ways will make you put more effort in cleaning up your makeup tools and brushes. Yes, looking pretty is always your goal but do it while still taking care of your hygiene? Why? This is because dirty makeup tools or brushes could probably cause your skin to break.