Things To Do When Taking a Break from Social Media

There must be a time when we’ve felt the need to stay away from social media we love so much, right? After all, scrolling up and down and clicking `like’ can be quite tiring what more even meaningless to a certain point. So why not take a break and get connected with the real things around you. It may be difficult to break from the `routine' but here are a few ideas on how you can escape the clutches of your gadget.

1. Look Around You


To get away from gluing yourself to the screen, you could start by looking at things around you that are demanding your attention. It could be the pile of clothes you haven't folded or that book you haven't finished. If those don't inspire you why not step outside and take a walk. Do anything as long as your fingers aren't wrapped around your phone. You could jog around your neighbourhood or just breathe in the fresh air. Often we fall in the trap of being fixated with social media that we miss out on a lot of things so I suggest we put it on hold even if only for a few minutes.


2. Connect With Real People

girls talking.jpeg

Leave the Facebook chats and make a phone call instead. Even better, why not just meet up with your friend. Seeing and talking to people face-to-face is more fulfilling and meaningful than texting (or stalking!). If you have siblings or children, spend time with them and be present. Even kids know that human connection is more intimate and special (and sadly lacking these days). Time spent with your loved ones is definitely rewarding so take time off and engage in a life without gadgets by connecting with real beings.


3. Pick Up A Hobby


In times like these where the world wide web governs most people's pastime activities, it takes some effort to pick up a hobby that keeps you away from the internet. But believe me, there's plenty more to do, so why not work on something you love like hitting the gym, scrap booking or cooking just so you can take time off social media. You'll get some peace of mind and find joy in doing other things that can give you personal growth more than social media can.


4. Meditate


Social media can at times overwhelm you and make you feel oddly insecure or inadequate. When this happens you know you need a break. Switch off everything , relish silence, meditate and reconnect with your spiritual side. Learn to develop peace of mind and also the belief that you control your own fate and not social media. Doing this could help boost your self-esteem and allow you to be more confident with yourself.


We believe these are all manageable acts that anyone can start practicing right away even if they're not on social media. Of course many argue that social media enhances their life experiences and is now more than ever the preferred medium to share joy, spread goodness and all. But if it begins to take a toll on the actual life you're leading it is a good idea to stay away from it for a while (perhaps for a few hours) and use it in moderation. There's more to this life than getting stuck in a virtual world, don't you think?

So how do you spend your time away from the social media platforms? Share it with us in the comment section below.