ZALORA Trend Watch: Modern Vintage

Originally content by Joyce Chua

Mention vintage clothing and you might think of frumpy wallpaper-patterned dresses usually come to mind.

But in 2018, vintage is no longer just what you can steal from your grandma’s closet. Instead, this Victorian-inspired fashion trend draws inspiration from the opulent Renaissance era and gives it a 21st century twist. 

This season, dramatic shapes reign supreme and and fresh details provide an extra edge. That means traditional constructions such as corsets, ruching, dramatic sleeves and high-necks are reformed for the modern style palette.

1. Exaggerated Sleeves


For daring, playful dressers, you’ll want to experiment with form this season and a little flair never hurt anyone. Dramatic sleeves make a bold statement but are also classically romantic and appeal to feminine women of all ages.


2. Corset Detail


Spring/Summer 2018 sees a heightened appreciation of the rustic country girl look — but with a modern twist. Tiered layers add fresh structural details that make corsets relevant in the 21st century.


3. Ruching


This season, designers also play heavily with textures along with colour, which translates into fun, romantic details like ruching, ruffles, and fringe. Ruching, an ancient sewing technique that originated in France, makes a comeback that is versatile and fresh.


4. Balloon Sleeves


For those who gravitate toward more delicate aesthetics, voluminous fabrics help to soften a button-up shirt, while billowy balloon sleeves are a more subdued alternative to oversize ruffles. 


5. Bows


If you’re looking for a quick, easy way to add more feminine details to your outfit, bows are your answer. A knot or two will pull your look together without detracting from it. Lightweight, silky fabrics like cotton or satin play up the vibe.


What are some fashion trends you love this season? Share your thoughts in the Comments section below.