Adidas is More Than Just NMDs and Yeezys. Here’s Why


These days, the name Adidas brings mainly two shoe series to mind – NMD and Yeezy. The hype in regard to this two lines of sports-lifestyle shoes is ridiculously high. But one has to ask the question, what is all the hype about?

Why is there so much emphasis on Adidas NMDs and Yeezys?

Well, duh! One is inspired by a self-obsessed, obnoxious celebrity that believes he is the center of the universe. Another is an overpriced fashion accessory associated with a luxury-sports lifestyle. Both are inflated in every sense and to a certain extent, do not deserve this much attention.

Ultimately, there are other shoes in the Adidas line-up that have become the underdogs in this competitive world of footwear. Here are some underrated Adidas shoes that you should get.


Adidas Superstar Series

You buy NMDs and Yeezys to make a statement. In the same way, one would buy a pair of Adidas Superstars. Adidas Superstar series, as compared to other shoes under the same budget feature a simple, minimalist look. Sporting the good ol’ stripes and laces along with the signature Adidas logo, you can be low-key while bringing out your individual taste.


Adidas Superstar shoes are also hella’ comfortable. Soft, sturdy padding on the soles and inner trim of the shoe give your feet a snug hug. A flat, grippy sole also allows for firm feet when casually walking.


Adidas Galaxy 3

You know what other Adidas shoe is underrated? The Adidas Galaxy 3. Runners listen up! With a timeless look and aerodynamics to suit foot movement, the Galaxy 3 is the ultimate shoe for running.

Most of Adidas’ Galaxy shoes may be out of season this year, but they are no doubt, fierce, durable footwear. Thick soles for maximum impact absorption along with a curved toe design with added padding makes for the perfect pair of sports shoes.

Adidas Climacool Shoes

If we’re talking about versatility, go for Adidas Climacool shoes. As the name suggests, the Climacool series is made to keep you cool and comfortable in any type of vigorous movement. Thanks to its diverse range of shoe varieties, the Climacool series caters to sports such as football, basketball, indoor sports, as well as yoga, running and gym.

That’s not all! You also get a variety of amphibious shoes called Adidas Climacool Slip-on Water Shoes that are perfect for treading streams, rivers and muddy areas on your trail run. If fast-paced sports is not your forte, Adidas Climacool Golf shoes provides your go-to footwear when on the green.


These are just some of Adidas’ series that may have been sidelined in the past few months. Although diehard fans of the brand know that there is more to Adidas than just NMDs and Yeezys, the majority may be influenced by the lopsided luxury trends.

This article first published on iPrice, a meta-search website where online shoppers can easily compare prices and discover products from hundreds of top brands.