[Beauty 101] How to Get Longer Lashes Naturally


Who doesn’t want fuller and longer looking lashes? Although some women opt for lash lifting or even doing lash extensions, let’s face it that it requires a lot of commitment and effort to set saloon appointments every month. So for the ladies who just do not have the time to fit in that appointment or just prefers to do it naturally, here are some few simple beauty tips to get your longer lash goals a reality. Read down below.

1.     Do not rub or pull your lashes


If something got caught into your eyes or cleaning your lashes, avoid rubbing or pulling your lashes as it will cause them to break out. The rough movement of hard pressure is definitely not good for your eyelashes.


2.     Gentle use of eyelash curler


It cannot be denied that using the eyelash curler to lift up your lashes before applying mascara on helps in creating that dramatic effect. Unfortunately if you are using it the wrong way, it will make your lashes fall out. So instead of curling your lashes in one hard squeeze, simply press it down gently a few times.


3.     Remove makeup gently


No matter how in a rush you are, removing your makeup gently around your eyes is a must. Use a cotton pad and a makeup remover to gently clean off your makeup away then proceed in cleansing everything off with a facial cleanser. By using a makeup remover first before applying facial cleanser on helps you from scrubbing your eye makeup off too hard when you are trying to cleanse it.


4.     Massage your lids

Yes, massage your eyelids! As soon as you get into bed every night, lay down and massage your eyelids in a gentle motion. The massage will help promote healthy eyelash growth and it can be therapeutic too.




Do you have any extra tips to add in order to achieve your #lashgoals? Feel free to share it down below.