[Beauty 101] How to Keep Your Hair Selfie Ready


Selfies has been the IN thing that everybody does. They take them and post them on their social media sites but do you realize that most of the time; we just are not ready for them. When it comes to your expression or face, you could always take hundreds of shots and applying filters afterwards. Unfortunately, the one thing that always ruins your selfies is your hair! If you have a bad hair day or your hair is all over the place, here is a few tips on how to keep your hair always selfie ready anytime of the day.  

1.     Rinse it with cold water


Whenever you wake up in the morning to head out, make sure you wash your hair with cold water. This is because it helps lift up the shine of your hair giving it a healthy boost to last the entire day. Rinse your hair off with warm water only as you get home to wash all the excess oils away.


2.     Towel Wringing


Do not rub your hair with the towel as it will be too harsh for your hair creating frizzes and creates more tangles. It is better to wring your hair with the towel by squeezing the moisture out before brushing or blow-drying. Your hair will have a softer feel to it afterwards.


3.     Mousse it up


It cannot be denied that we have some days that our hair just seems flat looking and to solve this is by creating some texture to it. Simply mousse your hair up with a mousse hairstyling product and puff your hair up. The texture added will definitely make your hair look fantastic throughout the day. However, be sure to not go overboard with the mousse as you do not want to end up with sticky hair. Less is more.


4.     Dry shampoo


If your feels a bit dull during the day, the best quick fix to give you fresh looking locks in selfies in by applying some dry shampoo on. The dry shampoo can absolutely eliminate grease and add life to your crown.


So no more worries in perfecting your selfies! What is your best selfie beauty trick? Share down below.