[Beauty 101] The Use of Coconut Oil Guaranteed to Make You Feel Pretty


You have probably heard that coconut oil provides wonderful things to you especially in your beauty routine. By incorporating coconut oil in your normal beauty routine, you can definitely feel amazing without splurging a ton of money. The use of coconut oil is an excellent choice for those who want to give your usual cosmetic products a rest and opt for something more natural. Not only does the coconut oil moisturizes your skin and penetrates your hair well, it also leaves you smelling like cookies. Read down below how the use of coconut oil can make you feel gorgeous from the inside and out.

1.     The Perfect Hair Mask

gregory-pappas-742675-unsplash (1).jpg

If you feel that your hair is looking dull and desire to give it a shiny lift, simply slather on some coconut oil on your hair. Keep a jar of coconut oil in the bathroom so every time you shower you can quickly have it within arm’s length. Apply the coconut oil to your hair and massage it throughout. Leave your coconut oil hair mask in for at least five minutes before washing it off with warm water. Do this and you will see a difference to the condition of your hair.


2.     Natural Moisturizer for Dry Skin


Coconut oil naturally moisturizes your dry skin. Pour a little onto the palm of your hands and massage it on your whole body as well as your face. A little goes a long way with coconut oil so avoid lathering too much as the oil with transfer to your clothing or worst, your bed sheets and pillows.  


3.     Dark Circles Be Gone


It can be frustrating to apply numerous products to get rid of your puffy dark circles. So as soon as you wake up, dab a small amount of coconut oil under your eye and you will love the results!


4.     Chapped Lips Solution


No one can deny that having dry chapped lips just makes you feel a little bit insecure especially when your lipstick doesn’t glide smoothly on. Simply dab coconut oil onto your lips before you go to bed and you will absolutely love how hydrated it is the next morning. You can do this anytime you want whenever you need to heal and soothe your chapped lips.


5.     Soft Cuticles


 Don’t you feel annoyed when your nails break easily? Add health and strength to your cuticles by applying coconut oil on them every now and then. Massage it in and see it shine!



So what are other benefits of coconut oils that might help your beauty routine? Share down below.