Favourite Costumes to Dress for Halloween This Year


It is that time of year again where people of all ages come together dressed up in costumes and celebrate Halloween. Little kids go trick-or-treating around the neighbourhood while the adults go to Halloween parties and dance the night away; it is a celebration that everyone can enjoy. But the trick-or-treating and parties are only secondary to what people are really looking forward to the celebration and that is the costumes!

Every year we see people trying to outdo other people with their costumes and it is honestly fun to watch, especially with celebrities. Remember Heidi Klum’s Kali goddess costume back in 2008, Kylie Jenner’s Dirty version of Christina Aguilera, and Cardi B’s Cruella de Vil last year? These stars bring their A-game when it comes to this October celebration!

But if putting on full body make-up and creating costumes are a hassle for you, you can always go for a much simpler option. Let us help you with some costume ideas for you to get into the Halloween spirit.

1.    Black Panther

If Harley Quinn was the top pick in 2016, this year will obviously be Black Panther. Since its standalone movie dominated the box office, expect a lot of people in Wakanda costumes giving the salute while shouting the words “WAKANDA FOREVER” at your Halloween party.


2.    A viral meme

If you have been on the internet, you have definitely seen some memes. Why don’t you make that your Halloween costume? This year alone has offered us plenty of memes, from “is that a pigeon?” to that yodelling Walmart boy, these internet humour will surely get people laughing.


3.    Instagram / Snapchat filters


Every time you insert a filter to your Instagram stories or Snaps, it enhances your look with quirky add-ons such as the rainbow vomit filter and the puppy with its tongue sticking out when you open your mouth. Stay that way for the day by making that your Halloween costume this year. One thing is for sure, you don’t need a filter since you already are one.


4.    Orange and black colours


If dressing up in costumes just isn’t your thing, you can always dress thematically in pumpkin orange and black colours. Simply put on an orange shirt and some black jeans, and you are good to go!

What are you planning to dress as this Halloween? Share your ideas down below or better yet, send the best costume you have ever worn on Halloween!