Handling Your Anger in A Safe Way


Anger is a natural human emotion that everyone has. Not many realize this, but it is actually healthy to have a little Hulk-like personality in you; to have an emotional response to something that ticks you off. However, it can be a problem if you are overwhelmed by it negatively and could not find a way to control it.

Whether it be screaming out your anger at someone, breaking valuable stuff, or worse, become physically abusive, being uncontrollably angry is not the solution to things. Therefore, you need something that can cool you down for a second to regain your consciousness.

There are many ways to control your raging anger. Let’s take a look at some methods to ease it off down below.

1.    Take five


If your day is not going too well, and everything seems to irritate you, go outside and take a five-minute breather. Sometimes, the excess noise from your surroundings only agitates you and you need to get out from it all. So, a few moments of peace and quiet might help you feel a little bit better before jumping back into what you were doing. At least now, your mind is calm enough to handle the situation.


2.    Listen to music


Believe it or not, music has proven to be a harmless and quick way to change someone’s mood. Studies have stated that music and a person’s mood correlate with each other by affecting how you feel and your perceptions. If you are feeling angry, put on your headphones and listen to some happy songs, soothing sounds or even angry songs if it means calming you down.


3.    Practice relaxation skills


A lot of people avoid telling someone to relax because it usually backfires but truthfully, relaxing is what you really need. Adapt a deep-breathing exercise, visualize a serene experience from somewhere you have been or from your imagination, or you could even meditate for a minute. Not only that, you could also be proactive about it by putting on some yoga leggings and do a couple of easy and quick poses.


4.    Don’t dwell


One thing that you should not do is to dwell on that thing that made you mad in the first place. Some people have this unhealthy tendency to rehash that feeling just to let it out on someone else. You should avoid that entirely especially when you have already resolved the problem. Instead, put the past behind you and move on to a better direction.



Now that you know how to deal with your anger in a safe way, you will soon realize that being angry only makes things worse. So how do you control your anger? Share with us at the comments section below!