How to Pamper Yourself at Home


Everyone needs to pamper themselves every once in a while and will most likely want to splurge on a session at some fancy spa. But you don’t need to venture very far to feel good because you can actually achieve it in the comfort of your own home; naturally, with a little effort from your part. Check out these invaluable tips on how to pamper yourself because you surely will want to try them once you read this.

1. Apply a Face Mask


You have to admit that the moment you apply a face mask you will already feel like you’re pampered. As one of the essential beauty treatments a woman should give herself, it not only revitalizes the skin but will leave you with a fabulous glow. So what are you waiting for? Grab one from your local store or shop online then give yourself the pampering you deserve. If you’re into DIY, head to the kitchen and make your own face mask using eggs or mayonnaise. It’s said to work wonders on your face! Whichever you fancy, be glad to know that you’ve already begun the task of pampering 101.

2. Supercharge Your Hair


Another area to pamper would have to be your crowning glory. Sure, we all wash our hair and apply conditioner (sometimes), but how often do we give it that extra boost or shine it needs? A hair mask will help give you those results as it contains nourishing ingredients to restore your hair and do all sorts of wonderful things in the process. So go ahead and do some serious pampering to it. Not only will you feel good but you’ll smell good too!

3. Give Attention to Your Eyes


The eyes never lie, especially when we’re so tired and just need a little shut eye. Hence freshen up your eyes so that you can return it back to its more glorious state by simply placing used tea bags and cool cucumbers on your eyes. This helps get rid of puffiness and soothes your tired eyes. So if you want a quick fix, find these items in your house and give some loving attention to your eyes. You can even use them while giving yourself a face mask as well. What more pampering can you ask for?

4. Soak It All In


Finally the ultimate pampering tool has to be giving yourself a bubble bath. There’s nothing like being soaked in warm toasty bubbles with your eyes closed, scented candles and some great music to accompany you. It can rid you from all that stress you’re experiencing and definitely make you feel better after a good soak. As an alternative if you don’t own a bathtub, the next best thing you can do is to soak your feet instead. Especially if you’ve been on your feet all day; give it the overdue attention it deserves. Some warm water, coarse salt and drops of peppermint oil will soothe your aching feet and make you feel super pampered.



Pampering and allowing yourself to indulge in some me time is quintessential in this day and age. The good thing is you don’t have to go very far to do it because it can all happen under your own roof. But make sure you get some quiet, uninterrupted time to do all this pampering; even if it’s just for a few minutes. Do you have other suggestions on how to pamper yourself at home? We’d love to hear your ideas.