How to Really Take Care of Your Nails


Let me ask you this, how often do you go to the nails salon? Never? Nails are apart of our body needless to say they are often taken for granted. People tend to pay more attention to face, skin, hair, and eyes rather than their nails. Not just it plays an equally important role in your appearance, nails also acts as the window to your health. This article will summarize on how to really care of your nails because they need your tender love and care as well.

1. Pamper your nails at the nail salon


Not necessarily a must but it’s good to pamper your nails once in a while at the nail salon. Have manicure and pedicure done by professionals in a salon that has nice ambiance, soothing music and friendly staff. Its not a splurge if it helps you to unwind and enjoy the whole session..

2. Use nails products, cuticle oil is a must


Just like how you would with your moisturizer for your face, cuticle oil is meant for your nails. Applying cuticle oil to your nails could solve the nail problems that often occur like chip or dry nails. If you always get your nails painted, applying cuticle oil would also helps with the overall health of your cuticle and prolongs the shine of your nails.

3. Eat right for your nails

Having a proper diet is the easiest way to begin with maintaining the health of your nails. Our body will benefit from all the vitamins and nourishment that we get from food. Getting the right nutrition from food will result in strong and shiny nails. Some of the awesome food to consume for nail care are dairy products, milk, green and leafy vegetables, vitamin A among others. Besides that, taking some multivitamins would also help in strengthening your nails and enhance its shine.

4. Trim your Nails regularly


The most basic nail care step is to trim your nails regularly. If you like to keep it long just make sure they are clean and filed. Nail biting? It’s a big NO-NO. Not only it will damage your nails but in long term your cuticle will also be affected and exposed to the risk of getting infection.

5. Use gloves for nails and hand protection

Protection is key when it comes to your nails and hand. Some people has nails that brittle and break easily than others so always keep in mind to wear protection gear such as gloves. Wear gloves before you do any activity that would require you to use your hands like gardening, washing cars, doing the dishes or anything exposing your hands to chemicals that might irritate your skin and eventually ruin your nails.

6. Wear the right shoe size

Wearing the right shoe size helps in many areas. One of it is to reduce the risk of having infections from fungus. Nails also require proper air circulation so wearing sneakers all the time is not a great idea. If your nails start to swell or causing some pain, seek advice from your doctor because it might be something serious.

So what are your tips to keeping your nails strong and healthy? Let us know in the comment section below.