Inspiring Ways to Move & Burn Those Calories Away


We all know that in order to burn off those extra calories is to follow a strict workout and diet routine. However it cannot be denied that going to the gym to workout might make you feel lazy and will lead you to start skipping your gym sessions. So what are the best ways you can move and burn those calories away while stilling having fun? Take a look down below for a few inspiring ideas on how you can stay on top of your health goal and still have an amazing time.

1.     Make water your best friend


Drink plenty of water throughout the day. The best way is to always carry a big bottle of water whether you are going to the office or even while running errands so that you have access to it anytime you want. By drinking lots of water, you will have frequent trips to the bathroom to release all the toxics collected in your body.


2.     Go to dance classes


 If hitting the gym sounds boring, dance classes will definitely help elevate your mood. Flaunt your sportswear while moving to the beat of the music with a group of people. Even better, invite your close friends or even colleagues to tag along after office hours.



3.     Park further


You should park further away from your point of destination so you could have a longer distance to walk. Whether you are heading to the office or even at shopping malls, find a parking space that allows you to walk further. Not only that, taking the train to work or anywhere you want to go will make you walk more as you have to change stations.


4.     Work out while watching TV


It does not matter if you are watching the television or your favourite show on Netflix, why not squeeze in yoga or even running in place (or a threadmill if you have one). This makes you catch up on your TV shows while burning those calories too.




5.     Wear high heels


For the ladies, opt to wear those high heels to a date or even to the office as it helps train your leg muscles throughout the day. Plus, high heels help to make us feel that extra boost of confidence and feel gorgeous!



So what other inspiring ways do you think that can help us be active and healthy? Share down below.