Man Crush October Issue: Up Close & Personal with Josh Ho


We are coming in early for this month’s Man Crush Issue just because we can’t wait to show you our October hunk. Every month, we search high and low in the vast space of social media to feature some of Malaysia’s most desirable men and this month, our choice will leave you wanting more. Meet Josh Ho, a manager in a financial company who deals with corporate accounts and numbers and statistics… you know, the boring stuff. On his fun side, however, he is a runway model and a commercial talent who also enjoys fitness and sports, which is quite evident in the many topless gym selfies on his personal Instagram. But that is barely touching the surface of the many things that occupy Josh. Find out more in our exclusive interview with this handsome business manager-turned-model below.

1.    Give us a little insight on what you do.

I’m a runway model and a commercial talent. For my permanent job, I am a Business Manager in a financial company, mainly handling corporate accounts. Apart from that I am also a fitness and sports enthusiast. I enjoy spending time at the gym, cycling, running, and playing basketball. On top of that, I love to cook as well. You can check out my cooking diary under my Instagram stories folder.


2.    We discovered that you have won a couple of modelling contests back in 2012. Tell us what that was like.


The first competition I participated in was the Hottest Hunk Malaysia 2012 in October where I made it to the Top 30 finalists among hundreds of applicants through a selection of photos submitted during the first round. Twelve winners were selected from the Top 30 to be featured on Newicon Magazine’s 2013 calendar. This contest was quite tough for me because my figure was not as well built back then. Thereafter, I joined the Asia New Star Model (Face of Malaysia) search in November that same year which was organized by Amber Chia Academy. It was a great experience where I competed with 20 other contestants. All of them were great and some have had experience in modelling. The learning experience was quite different from the Hottest Hunk competition as this was more related to the fashion industry. I learnt about catwalk, photoshoot, videoshoot, etc. I managed to win a title in the grand finale and represented Malaysia to compete with other Asian countries in Seoul, South Korea.


3.    Are you competing in any other contests now?

Not at the time being. I’m getting older!


4.    With all of that going on, how do you balance your schedule?


I would say it is quite challenging and stressful when my modelling schedule and permanent job schedule overlap. Prioritising is always the key. In the past, I did lose some great opportunities in modelling as I had to choose company meetings over those. You can’t be getting everything you want all the time. That’s life. However, I always believe a better opportunity will come sooner or later.


5.    How would you describe your style?

Reasonably priced and comfortable. I am not into luxurious or branded items because I dress for myself, not to impress, but for comfort and style which reflects my attitude and personality.


6.    What is the one item in your closet that you wear the most?


Shirts. I have more than 80 shirts in my wardrobe. My job requires me to dress in formal. During my off-work hours, I can style it as my second layer piece or even tie at my waist to make it more casual.


7.    Describe yourself in three simple words.

Determined, excitable, and forgetful.


8.    What is one thing that people will be surprised to know about you?


I am afraid of ghost movies. Never in my life have I watched any ghost movies.


9.    Which body part do you usually focus on during your workout?

I do compound training most of the time as I don’t always go to the gym. If I were to choose, I would put leg training session as my first priority because legs require greater muscle recruitment and energy burn.


10.  What do you wish you knew when you were younger?


I wish I had learned all kinds of martial arts when I was younger, so that I might be able to act in martial art movies. There aren’t many six-foot martial art superstars who has good flying kicks.


11.  If you could only watch one movie for the rest of your life, what would it be?

“Fight Back to School” by Stephen Chow. I will never get bored of his comedy movies no matter how many times I have repeatedly watched it.


12.  What workout would you recommend to someone who is just starting to hit the gym?


Compound training is the best training for people who want to lose weight or gain muscles. It involves multiple joints and more than one muscle group as opposed to isolation training which will work only one muscle at a time. Besides, it stimulates the muscles and burns fat easily. This is good for people who are busy and cannot commit much time to the gym. Three days of compound training with a day rest gap is sufficient to keep a healthy and strong body. I was a skinny person back in 2009, and it took me three months to gain 6kg muscle mass by doing compound training. Compound training is crucial because it is fundamental to your fitness before you move to an advanced stage. The typical examples of compound movement and isolation movement are pull up and bicep curls respectively.


13.  If you are stranded on an island and you could have one thing with you, what or who will it be?

It would be a knife, which is the most important tool in order to survive in a deserted place. You need a knife to cut ropes, use it as a weapon, food hunting and so much more. Basically, you can build a kingdom with a knife!


14.  If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?


Iceland! It’s always been the top of my list for travel destinations. It has everything in my bucket list:

  • Moonlight landscapes

  • Ice blue glaciers

  • Volcanic activities

  • The freshest food

  • Glacier trekking

  • Soaking in hot geothermal pools during the winter

  • Aurora

  • Great culture

I would use up all my memory cards for photographs of these places!


15.  Who’s your celebrity crush?

Jennifer Lopez. She’s already at age 49 and still beats most of the younger celebrities out there. She maintains her figure and health so well. Fit ladies are always the sexiest!


16.  If you could have a casual chat with one celebrity from Hollywood, dead or alive, who would it be?

Justin Timberlake. His talents inspire me since I was a younger.


17.  What is your go-to song when working out?


Another You – Armin van Buuren.


18.  If you can have one superpower, what would it be?

Time travel. I will be able to undo or redo anything. I can travel back to the past to undo and redo whatever I have regretted. I can also travel into the future to see what’s there waiting for me.


19.  Every man should know how to….


Appreciate and love his family.


20.  What is the best piece of advice anyone has given you?

There is either DO or DON’T; NO half way. If you want it, make sure you DO it and make it happen.



To get the latest updates on our October man crush, you can follow Josh on Instagram, @jsh_ho, and check out his modelling work, fitness videos, and his aforementioned cooking diaries.

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