Master The Jetsetter Style Flawlessly


Back in 2010, the iconic Victoria Beckham tweeted “Airport is my runway”and if there’s a lesson we can learn from that woman, it is to not neglect our choice of outfit while airport-hopping. Near or far, traveling via airplane can be exhausting; the long hours of checking in and waiting to board an airplane, the stuffy seating arrangement, the fact that we’ll be seating next to a stranger, and the (sometimes) awful in-flight meal. Having to face all these (and more), it’s a no-brainer that we’d want to travel in the most comfortable clothes we can. But comfortable does not mean not-even-trying.

 Fret not, here are six things you can do to master the airport jetsetter style flawlessly: 

Sneakers and Comfy Boots


While stilettos and high heels scream stylish, they are not made for running through the airport to catch a flight. Hours on the airplane can’t be comfortable when your feet are cramped in a pair of mules. Opt for a reliable pair of sneakers or sturdy boots. They are easier to walk (or run) in, roomy for your feet and when selected carefully, you’ll exudes the not-even-trying-but-I-look-cool aura.

Layer it Up

Tokyo str S16 577.jpg

Depending on your destination or time of traveling, the temperature and weather can change drastically. You can feel warm one minute and chilly the next. The best bet is to wear a simple top or t-shirt with jeans and have a knitted cardigan or jacket in hand. That way, you can put on the outerwear when you feel cold or simply take it off and hang on the coat hook beside your seat when it gets warm.


Shades for your Eyes

Copenhagen str S17 103.jpg

Sunglasses are not only handy to filter out the glare from the sun, it also is the best accessory to cover the bag under your eyes from the lack of quality sleep in flight. Want to avoid the chatty stranger next to you? Put on those sunnies, plug in your earphone. They’ll get the hint.


Cool Backpack or a Stylish Tote


You can never go wrong with a classic leather tote as your carry-on bag to keep your in-flight necessities. Or if a tote bag puts a strain on your shoulder and arms, opt for a cool, reliable backpack. We love this leather tote and backpack. Practicality, checked. Looking good? Checked.

Aldo Roreto Duffle Bag

Aldo Roreto Duffle Bag

Jackbox XBD Cylinder Canvas Bag Shoulder Messenger Sling Handbag Backpack

Jackbox XBD Cylinder Canvas Bag Shoulder Messenger Sling Handbag Backpack

Let Loose

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While mini skirts and skinny jeans are your staple outfit, they are not really comfortable with long-hours of flying. Take a cue from the likes of Kendall Jenner and get yourself more comfortable by donning a pair of loose track suits or boyfriend jeans. They offer more room for you to move and nap comfortably in your seat.

Sturdy Luggage


Last but not least, the most important part of traveling is ensuring that your stuff is safe and sound and what a better way to do that than packing them in a sturdy luggage? Buy your luggage from a trusted, well known brand and ensure that it’s properly locked before checking them in the check-in counter. We love this marble motif hard case luggage. Reliable, easy and oh-so-pretty!

Heys Bianco H-13083 Polycarbonate 28 inch Spinner Hard Case Luggage - White

Heys Bianco H-13083 Polycarbonate 28 inch Spinner Hard Case Luggage - White

What do you think of these tips to go airport-hopping in style? Do you have any other must-have travel companion? Let us know in the comment section below!