The Only Clothes You Need for A Business Trip


Have you ever seen that 2009 movie called “Up in the Air” where George Clooney flies around the country firing corporate people as his job? Even while travelling, don’t you think he looks good in business attire? Some would argue he looks good because, well, he is George Clooney. But we say that the reason he maintains his handsomeness even when rushing through airports is because he knows how to dress for a business trip.

Dressing for a business trip can be tricky sometimes. You don’t want to pack too much and exceed the luggage weight limit, nor do you want to pack too light and have nothing nice to wear on your international meetings.

What you need are the right balance of clothes that can double as work and play at the same time. Here is a list of the clothes you actually need for your business trip.

1.    A Grey Suit


First and foremost, you need a suit. Even if you don’t usually wear a suit at the office HQ, when on a business trip specially, wear a suit. A slim grey suit is what we would recommend as the colour is the most versatile of the bunch. A black suit is too funeral-y, a navy suit feels too casual, and other coloured suits are only for parties. A grey suit is the perfect balance of business attire for the day and casual outerwear to be worn at the club come night time.


2.    A White Shirt


When on a business trip, you want to keep your clothes neutral coloured. This is for you to easily match it with your shoes or accessories that you brought over for the trip as well. Therefore, a clean white shirt is the perfect choice to bring along. Bring a dress shirt for your time at the office and an Oxford shirt for your free time at that new country you are in.


3.    A Pair of Jeans


If you are going to take a break from suits on your oversea meetings, a pair of deep blue indigo jeans would be the no-brainer pick. It can be paired with your suit jacket if you are going for a chill night out and with a basic tee for your day off of your one-week trip. However, avoid bringing one that is distressed and excessively washed, keep it minimal for this trip.


4.    A Pair of Chinos


Another option for pants that isn’t a pair of jeans are chinos. What is functional about this pair is that it works for both your work and casual attire look. Get one in khaki since its colour is neutral enough to go with every other colour you brought to your business trip. A navy or black chino would do too if you are self-conscious about bright colours.


5.    Dressier Sneakers


Sure, you can go for a more conventional dress shoes like a derby or a loafer. But since those are exclusively for work, you are forced to bring sneakers for times when you are not. That is two shoes in your suitcase already. Therefore, go for one that functions for both work and play so you could save some space and avoid the overpriced excess baggage fees. A leather sneaker will do the trick! Find one that is made from luxurious leather that is on par with your dress shoes, so you can wear it with a suit or a button-up.



Once you’ve packed all those things mentioned, you are basically ready to go. But are there anything we missed? What do you bring during a business trip? Share it with us at the comment section below.