These Are The Only Makeup You Need When Travelling


Packing makeup products for traveling can be pretty stressful because you are not sure what to bring and how to fit all of it in your bag. However it cannot be denied that some of the makeup may end up not being used at all while on your trip. Now do not worry as here are among the only makeup products you need when travelling. Less is more.

1.      Moisturizer/Primer


Travelling can dehydrate your skin because you will be seated for long hours or the change in weather of the place you visit. When your skin is dehydrated, it will produce more oil and your makeup will look dull throughout the day. Both moisturizer and primer will ensure flawless base before you start doing your makeup as it helps keeps everything in place all day. To save more space you can just bring primer and moisturizer in one. Lots of makeup brand have come out with primer and moisturizer in one product that will be helpful for your beauty travel use.


2.      Sunscreen


You can skip moisturizer and primer but never skip sunscreen. Sunscreen is very important to your skin especially when you are travelling because you will be exposed a lot to sunlight. It is best to bring sunscreen with SPF 50. “My makeup already contains SPF, so why bother to bring sunscreen?” There are few researches that shows that makeup with SPF do not give enough protection to your skin. So, don’t forget your sunscreen!


3.      BB Cushion

Skin can breakout while travelling, so you need BB cushion to cover up your acne. BB cushion is in a compact form so it is very easy to handle and lightweight. It comes together with a puff applicator which is very convenient. You don’t have to bring extra sponges or brushes. Unlike normal foundation, you can touch up your makeup easily using BB cushion. It is also leak proof, so you don’t need to worry about your foundation leaking and messing up your makeup bag.


4.      Tinted Lip balm

Apply on a layer of lip balm on your lips before putting on lipstick will relieve chapped or dry lips making your lips appear smooth. And if you feel like you don’t have enough time for makeup just apply on your tinted lip balm. You will look alive and ready for pictures!


5.      Lipstick


While travelling you need to be more creative. Instead of bringing individual makeup items, you should use one product for various roles. Lipsticks is one of the most multi-functional product as you can use your lipstick to be a blusher or even eye shadow. Lipsticks are also easy to blend with your fingers, so no brush is needed. Bring a pink coloured lipstick to do the trick.


6.      Eyebrow pencil

Eyebrow on fleek is a must! You need to look good in pictures so use it to colour in your brows or even use it as an eyeliner or even contour!


7.      Setting Spray


Last but not least, you can bring a travel size setting spray. It will ensure your makeup to stay in place until the end of the day. You no longer need to worry about touching up your makeup while traveling.


That is all what you need for travelling. You should avoid bringing powdery makeup because powdery products are fragile and easy to break. You don’t want to ruin your travel mood when your makeup products are ruined right? What is your must-have makeup product to bring white travelling? Share down below.