Things to Do Every Morning to Feel More Productive Throughout the Day


Being a productive person is something that many of us wish we could do. Imagine conquering our daily demands at lightning speed. Then, indulge in a three-hour Netflix marathon after completing our tasks. Sounds like the impossible dream? Guess what, it’s not.

To infuse productivity in your life, you need to focus on one thing: starting your day right. We’re talking about simple morning habits that will shape your day ahead. If you’re already nodding off on the first hour of the day, imagine how you would feel throughout the day. Think the productivity cape will look good on you? It’s time to put your Cotton On pyjamas aside and jump-start your morning.

1. Get your beauty sleep


It turns out, your grandmother was right. Getting sufficient sleep is the age-old secret to brighter eyes, clearer skin, and fewer breakouts. It’s called beauty sleep, after all. Believe it or not, having eight hours of sleep will give you a boost of energy in the morning. Therefore, a well-rested mind and body are all you need. For starters, don’t stay up late. Save the work emails and social media updates for the next day. When your beauty sleep comes first, a productive morning will come naturally.

2. Find your morning ritual


What makes you jump out of the bed every morning? Whether it’s a warm bubble bath or an adorable cat snuggle, do it within the first hour of the day. Pick something that is simple and fun to do. The less effort it requires the better. For me, brewing a cup of coffee does the trick. Not only does it have a calming effect, but caffeine is an everyday energy burst. You can also try meditating in the morning or listening to your favourite music.

3. Start exercising


A ten-minute snooze might sound more enticing than a morning workout, but hear me out. When they say that exercises have a range of benefits, they’re right. Workouts will give you the strength and endurance to power through your day. It jump-starts your metabolism, boosts physical and mental fitness, and puts you in a good mood. You know what happens when you’re feeling awesome right? You can take over the world! Okay, just today’s task list for now.

4. Enjoy a healthy breakfast


Everyone knows the importance of starting our day with a nutritious breakfast. The thing is, we always forget to enjoy them. Don’t rush through your overnight oats and peanut butter toasts. Savour it with ease. Allow your body to digest them. Finishing your food too quickly will send the wrong signal to your body that you’re still hungry. When that happens, you will eat more before a food coma strikes. So take it easy and enjoy that avocado toast.

5. Say something nice to yourself


When you’re aware of the things you tell yourself, it can affect your mood instantly. When they say mind over matter, it’s true. Every morning, start with positive affirmations. Make yourself feel better by highlighting your best traits and giving thanks. Remind yourself that you have whatever it takes to succeed in your daily or weekly goals. When you have a positive and healthy mindset, you can set out to do anything.

6. Create a to-do list


The best way to enhance your daily productivity is to create a to-do list. As they say, divide and conquer. Start with the most important tasks. Then, tackle the toughest one on the list. Once you’ve completed that task, everything else gets easier from there. Another trick is to keep your list short. Anything that looks like an ancient scroll will exhaust your mind. One glance is enough to trigger signs of tiredness. So plan accordingly and do one task at a time.

7. Keep your desk clean


Any productive person will tell you that a messy space is similar to a cluttered mind. It’s difficult to focus on your work when you have a million things on your desk. Spend ten minutes to rearrange your workspace. Stack up your folders or throw out unnecessary receipts. When you have a clean desk, you have very few things to distract you from performing your best.

8. Take small breaks


Let’s face it; we’re not programmed to sit still for eight hours a day. Humans are designed to move around and socialize. If you’ve hit your stress meter, take a walk or chat with someone. Short breaks are important to take your mind off things. Better yet, treat yourself with your favourite dessert or anything that makes you happy. When your mind is at ease, it’ll be easier to get back on your work momentum.

Whether you’re a night owl or an early riser, creating a productive day is easier than you think. It starts with an effective first step. You can choose to get your beauty sleep, go for a morning run or take your time with your breakfast toast. When you do all these tricks together, you’re on your way to becoming the most productive person yet. Share with us what you do to achieve this down below.