Thoughtful Things to Do to Show Your Friends That You Still Care

Friendship is, to an extent, a resemblance of a relationship as both requires equitable amount of effort to keep it alive. Just as you would go the extra mile for your loved one, you should also do the same for your friends, especially those who have been with you through thick and thin.

One of the most beautiful qualities in friendship is to love and being loved. This definitely comes with several nurturing steps which can be seen from the 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman:

1. Act of Service

Love Language Act of Services.jpeg

This can come in many forms like helping to fetch your friend’s kids from school or take them for a movie just to let her mom who is your friend to have some time for herself. Being there for her in times of need or buying her lunch because she has back-to-back meetings would work wonders too! Things don’t really have to be bizarre because it’s the thought that counts.

2. Quality Time


It cannot be stressed enough how important quality time is for all types of relationship and friendship. Try your best to initiate and schedule for a coffee session with just your ladies without the interruption from the kids.  If going for a coffee is a little too much to handle, opt for an indoor meet up instead. Someone has to offer her abode and have a potluck party!

3. Receiving Gifts

Love Language Receiving Gift.jpeg

Another way to show your friend that you still care is by giving them gifts. One does not have to wait for a birthday to do so. Buy your friend the latest collection available online of the thing you think they might like and post it to their address. A surprise delivery would mean the whole world to your friend and this would definitely elevate your friendship to the next level. Imagine coming home from work with an unexpected parcel in the mail. Isn’t that amazing?

4. Physical Touch


As friends, we do not only provide a friendship but also a shoulder to cry on and a pair of arms for giving that big hug. Driving all the way to your friend’s place to lend your ears and the comfort of your shoulder does not only show that you still care but also prevails the efforts that you put for the friendship. Hold her hand, look at her attentively and simply listen to her issues because that is all that matters during her critical times.

5. Words of Affirmation

Love Language Words of Affirmation.jpeg

Some people appreciate constructive words to help in building their confidence. If your friend is someone who falls into this category, you would need to always remember the power of your words to them. For that reason, always convey positive sentences and words of encouragement because this is what they would love to hear.

So what are other ways you can show that you still care for your friends? Remember to drop your thoughts in the comment box below so we could exchange an idea or two. Looking forward to read them all!