What to Do When He Doesn't Text You Back

Reading a guy is apparently more difficult than a girl. He might show a hilarious interest on you today and ignore you the next day. At first, everything was probably going well. You went for a dinner while wearing the best dress that you ever have owned and suddenly you set for another date hoping that you can have more time to win his heart. But when you texted him again, just to follow up with those plans you had made, unfortunately, he just leaves you dangling with no answer. 

You keep distracting yourself with works just not to lose your cool but deep inside you are fighting with restless worries about him. Is he okay? Maybe he is busy at work or his phone is broken. 

The day goes by with more text messages sent to him and you still have an empty inbox. At this point, you must prepare for any circumstances that might happen. So what should you do now? 

1. Calm down 


Put your phone down and do not panic or assume that he lost his interest in you.  There is a lot of possibility and reasons why he did not reply to your text for a while. He might be called for a surprise meeting at work, have a deep talk with his parent until late at night and the biggest one is his phone probably ran out of battery. Give him some time to get back to you as soon as he can. 

2. Do not rant on social media

If you date a man who is super secretive, having a rant on social media, like Twitter or Instagram, is something you really need to avoid. Social media can be both exciting and terrible at the same time. In fact, it is one of the major turn off if the guy found out that you are telling the unbounded world about not getting a reply from him. 

Whilst, it is better if you could stalk his account to find his friends and ask for their help. This is because guys prefer to talk or confide to a real responding friend than sharing it virtually. 

3. Stop firing with messages


It’s really annoying when we are very busy and need to check our phone to see if there is any important things to do but all we get is just a lot of outrage messages. This situation can be applied to both parties. Thus, do not make this mistake because maybe he is in an emergency that takes days to settle. It is considerably enough if you send him a message and give him a call just in case that you are worried. However if there is still no answer, then leave it alone.

4. Remember your own worth


Instead of wasting your time waiting for his reply, take a moment and remember your own worth, your own value. This is something we seem to forget when we care too much for another person especially when a girl is thinking that her boyfriend is slowly losing interest in her. But when you stop to think about it you will realize you are devaluing yourself.

5. Give it one more shot and prepare to move on


If you’ve given him enough reasonable time (48 to 72 hours) to reply but you still haven’t heard anything from him, only then should you give him one last shot. Leave him a gentle text to let him know about how you’re feeling about this matter.

Ask for final clarification about what is exactly going on between both of you. If this also doesn’t work, keep yourself busy and just continue doing what you do in life so the focus isn’t only on waiting for that particular ringing noise.

Share with us any other better ways do you think that can help to handle this situation when he doesn’t reply to your text back. Leave a comment below!