What to Pack for a Beach Vacation


Guess what’s the best way to bring more light into your life? That’s right, a beach vacation. We are blessed to have a seaside paradise within a short drive or flight away. Hence, distance is never an issue. For every beach vacation, there is basic planning on where to go and what to do. After that, the planning stage moves on to the next step which is what to pack.

Any beach traveller would know that it’s a separate checklist altogether. It’s not the same as packing an outfit for a sightseeing adventure or a winter holiday. Nevertheless, it’s still fun. To make things easier, here’s an ultimate checklist of what to pack for a beach vacation.

1. Sunglasses


This one is a no-brainer. It’s the quintessential accessory for a sunny afternoon at the beach. A great pair of sunglasses has one duty and that is to shield your eyes from harmful UV rays. That’s an important eye care advice right there. Furthermore, you don’t want to get caught with sand in your eyes, do you? So find a pair of sunnies you love and flaunt it.

2. Beachwear


What we love most about beachwear is the little space it needs. Therefore, feel free to pack two to three pairs of bikinis or board shorts. It’s always great to have a dry spare, just in case a midnight swim sounds too good to resist. Having variety also means you can switch up your style according to your mood.

3. Cover-ups


To complement your beachwear, you need to pack some cover-ups. It’s unlikely that you will be spending the whole day at the beach. Bring a cover-up that would be perfect for cocktails at the bar or a stroll along the food carts. Think sarong or kaftan. Lightweight and sleeveless tee is also great for guys.

4. Beach towel


Depending on where you stay, prepare for the likelihood that beach towels aren’t provided. It’s good to bring your own. Aside from keeping you dry after a snorkeling or scuba diving trip, it can also provide a layer of comfort on the lounge chair. Seriously, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t bring one.

5. Sunblock


No one enjoys looking like a red lobster on their holiday. It doesn’t look cute on anyone, so always have sunblock by your side. The terrible thing about UV rays is that it causes skin damage over time. When you spend all day at the beach, that’s what you will be exposed to. The next time you shop for a sunblock, choose a water-resistant one and anywhere between SPF 30 to 50. Also, remember to reapply the sunblock every two hours or so.

6. Sun hat


Never leave the sun protection to sunblock alone. Bring a wide brim hat to shield yourself from the sun. Aside from investing on a cute sun hat, pick a comfortable one to prevent getting a greasy scalp and dry ends. Sun hats don’t just protect your eyes from developing wrinkles but also your body from awful sunburns.

7. Sandals


While it’s tempting to flaunt your new pair of kicks, stick with sandals. A convenient slip-on is a plus point. If you can, shop for a pair that is waterproof and easy to clean the sand out. Be sure to get one that is comfortable on your soles too. When you find the perfect pair, get ready to walk in and out of the water all day long.

8. Toiletries


You’d be surprised to know that beach travellers tend to leave out toiletries from the packing list. They’re the essentials that often slip our minds. Shampoo and body wash are two basic things to bring. After chasing the waves, take a shower to wash off the salt crystals and bacteria from your body. To be honest, you never know what those beach water contains. Therefore, toiletries are a must and if you forget to pack them along, you can always purchase them in any shops available on your beach trip.

9. Beach bag


With so many essentials to bring, you need a beach bag to keep it together. Aside from having a spacious bag to stuff your fluffy towel, look out for ones that are perfectly compartmentalized. It helps to keep your beach essentials in order too. You don’t want to rummage your bag for your sunglasses, do you?

10. Hammock


It never crosses one’s mind to pack a hammock, but it does come in handy. If luck isn’t on your side and all the lounge chairs are full, here’s where the hammock comes to the rescue. All you need is to find two trees to set up this beach saviour. Once everything is tied together, you can relax and enjoy your unfinished chapter of ‘The High Tide Club’ until sunset.

Packing for a beach vacation doesn’t have to be tedious. It’s all about focusing on the things you need. Bring a sunblock to keep your skin protected. Wear a pair of sunglasses to avoid squinting all day. Then, get a beach bag to stuff everything and more. When you have your favourite beach essentials with you, you can enjoy your vacation in comfort. What are your beach vacation must-haves? Share down below.