What You Need to Throw An Awesome Party Your Guests Will Never Forget


Planning a party could be overwhelming and stressful especially if it is the first time of you hosting it. You'll realize that there are too many things on your plate. You want everything to be perfect and memorable. Actually, it is not as difficult as you think. Organization is key to ensure that everything flows smoothly. Here are what you need in order to throw an awesome party that your guests will never forget. One thing’s for sure, be creative and start tailoring a party that everyone wishes to attend.

1. Know and decide on the important details


This is crucial. When, Where & Who. Pick a suitable date and time. Decide on the venue where you are holding it. Be certain about what type of party that you intend to host. Indoors or outdoors? Formal or casual? Then, start making the guests list. Send invitations to notify your guests so that they can make time for your event. You can mail invitation cards a few weeks earlier. You can also go green by sending your party details via e-mail or phone invites. Remember, a party is not a party if there is no guest.

2. Know Your Budget


To continue planning your party, you have to know your budget. Then, start working with the stipulated amount. Stick to it as closely as possible. Manage what you have wisely. What type of party that you are having also may influence your budget. A cocktail or dinner? A sit-down meal or a buffet? Allocate reasonable amount for food, decorations, music and other miscellaneous things without going over your limit.

3. Set A Theme


Themed party is fun! Pick an interesting theme that not only you will treasure, but your guests will look forward and be excited to attend. For instance, you can pick a colour theme (a combination of two colours would be great too) or opt for more specific ones like Breakfast at Tiffany's, Luau Party, Movie Night or Western Cowboy theme. You can make, buy or rent any decorations that you need to fit your theme. Set a dress code. Remind your guests to come wearing the theme. Let the guests know the specifics of the theme well in advance before the date of the party.

4. Phenomenal Decoration


Once you have set a theme for your party, it’s time to decide on the decorations. Balloons, confetti, banners and standee, also the set up for the tables. Don't forget to set a photo booth with some props so that your guests (and of course, you) could strike stunning poses - ready to share those fabulous photos on social medias.

5. Scrumptious Food


Plan the menu if you are going to prepare and cook. Determine what can be prepared earlier and what needed to be done on the day of the party itself. If preparing the food is too much for you, you can hire a caterer or place an order with your local food services. Choose the correct menu for your party. If you are having your party during lunch or dinner, make sure that you have something heavy or fulling to be served. If it is in the evening, finger food is a good choice. Don't forget some snacks and desserts! A delightful display of dessert bar will definitely cheer your guests. Who would say no to heavenly cupcakes, muffins, ice-cream and cookies!

6. Party Favors and Goodie Bags


Prepare goodie bags or party favors. You don't have to spend a lot of money on party favors. It does not have to be something expensive either. It's just a way of expressing your appreciation to your guests for attending your party. You can buy something related to the party theme or you can DIY the gifts yourself. Let your guests bring a piece of the celebration back home.

7. Games and activities


The last thing you need is a dull boring party. Plan activities to be carried out during your party. Decide on the flow of the event; what time do you start, what time to eat and what games do you want to play. You can carry out games, dancing, karaoke sessions, lucky draws or other activities that will entertain and require the participation of your guests.

Having plan all the above-mentioned properly, it’s time for you to shine. It's your day. Ready to have a great time? Put on your stunning party dress and be the host of the most memorable party that will become the talk of the town.