YouTube Beauty Vloggers You Should Be Watching


With the current technology that we have, YouTube has become one of the social media platforms that people use to express their creativity and share it with others who share the same interest. For some, it could be makeup, fashion, lifestyle or just random thoughts on things. We can’t deny that these Youtubers have helped us in many ways. We learn new things just by watching their videos such as new makeup skills, new life hacks and new places to discover in town! They are also known as content creators as the ideas are usually being generated by themselves. It may sound easy to just come up with any ideas that pop up in your mind, but to bring it to life is another whole story! Therefore, these people deserve to get some credit for their hard work.

For the past few years, makeup has been a topic that everyone has been talking about. People have been trying to learn various kinds of makeup skills to enhance their beauty. With makeup, it helps to boost most people’s self confidence too, therefore, it can be seen as something necessary or useful.

Here, here are some YouTube Beauty vloggers that you guys should be watching. Enjoy!

1. Faa Firds

Photo credit: Instagram ( @faafirds )

Photo credit: Instagram (@faafirds)

A city girl named Faafirds is one of the earliest local YouTube beauty vloggers that started it all back in 2012-2013. Faafirds is a sweet and humble YouTube beauty vlogger who shares a lot of beauty and makeup tips because that is her passion. She mostly stresses her subscribers on a good skincare routine than makeup skills because she once mentioned that to have a good makeup even with minimal effort, one has to have good skin. If you guys have any questions related to beauty, just go and ask her personally on Twitter and Instagram (@faafirds).

2. Hana Lee

Photo credit: Instagram ( @hanaylee )

Photo credit: Instagram (@hanaylee)

Hana is a Korean beauty vlogger who enjoys sharing not only about her lifestyle, but also makeup related content. Her makeup tutorial videos are suitable for beginners who are just about to learn how to put on a simple everyday makeup look! Most of the makeup looks created by her are simple, and they are the soft kind of look that will make you appear presentable and extra cute. They are mostly peachy undertone makeup look so why not go check her out!

3. Nisha Ezzati

Photo credit: Instagram ( @nishxnish )

Photo credit: Instagram (@nishxnish)

Here is another Youtube beauty vlogger that is highly recommended among the local viewers because she is super honest with her reviews, without no bias although she is being sponsored by certain brands. Nisha Ezzati is also a funny and friendly person, which adds to the reason why her subscribers love her so much. She is also known as “Daddy Sam” among her subscribers because she loves to spoil them with giveaways and free makeup products.

p/s: You guys can go follow her on Twitter (@nishxnish) and ask her any questions. She will definitely reply you because she is that nice!

4. Lily Brahim

Photo credit: Instagram ( @lilybrahim )

Photo credit: Instagram (@lilybrahim)

For those who are looking for a YouTube beauty vlogger that uses affordable makeup products, Lily Brahim is the one! With the excellent skills that she has, she can make a 2MYR makeup look seems effortlessly amazing. Besides, she also gives amazing tips and reviews on various kinds of makeup products that you guys should check out!

5. Pony Syndrome

Photo credit: Instagram ( @ponysmakeup )

Photo credit: Instagram (@ponysmakeup)

Last but not least, it’s Pony Syndrome! I’m certain that most of you guys have watched her videos before because she is widely known, with over 4 million subscribers, for her amazing makeup skills. One of her most watched makeup videos is about how to achieve “Clear Glassy Makeup” look with 2.2 million views in just two months. Need I say more? Just go and check her out.

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