10 Celebrities to Follow on Instagram


We can’t deny that nowadays life is filled up with technology and one of it is the smartphone. Of course most of us have social media especially Instagram. With worldwide Instagram users, we use it for various purpose such as posting photos to create memories and also to stalk some celebrities to see how their life is going as we love them. If you do not know, here are 10 celebrities that are fun to follow on Instagram.

1)  Kylie Jenner


Kylie Jenner has 118 Million followers on her instagram and she is a young mom to her daughter, Stormi. She is a model and also an entrepreneur of her cosmetics products which is Kylie Cosmetics.

2) Zayn Malik


Who does’t know about this charming guy? Zayn Malik is a singer and one of the One Direction member before he made the decision to leave the group. He’s one good looking man!

3) Selena Gomez


With 144 Million of followers, Selena Gomez is really a big idol to everyone! She first appeared acting on a children’s television series and as she grew up, she became a singer with more than 50 songs and her songs are a hit.

4) Dwayne Johnson


He is also known as The Rock. Everyone knows him as an American actor but if we follow him on Instagram we can see that ‘The Rock’ is a good husband and a lovely father to his two beautiful daughters.

5) Kim Kardashian


She is one of Kylie Jenner’s sister, a model and an entrepreneur of her own cosmetic line. She has her own television show which is Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

6) Robert Downey Jr


I think most of us is familiar with this guy as the Ironman.

7) Ellen DeGeneres


Ellen is a television host for her own television programme which is The Ellen Show. She loves to post funny videos of her television programme on Instagram and it’s fun to watch.

8) Justin Bieber


A famous singer since he was a child with his song, ‘Baby’. He really got a lot of followers on his Instagram which is 102 Million.

9) Taylor Swift


Taylor Swift  deserve as much followers as he can because she really has a melodious voice and all her songs are the best!

10) Harry Styles


This curly hair guy with a nice smile and great voice really make girls adore him. So it is not a surprise on the amount of followers he has on Instagram.

What do you think about this list? Do you have any other celebrities that you think we need to follow on Instagram?