10 Signs that He’s a Keeper


You’ve met someone new. He’s kind and charming. Everything seems to be going well. After all the flirty dates and fun hangouts, you wonder if he’s the right man for you. You can’t shake that thought off your head. Taking the next step in your relationship can be unnerving. That’s because it involves bringing someone new into your amazing life. If you find yourself in this relationship crossroad, here’s how you know that he’s a keeper.

Sign 1: He is excited to meet your friends

The idea of meeting your friends excites him. Your friends have been there for you before he does, so he’s interested in getting to know your close circle. Whether they have embarrassing childhood stories or high school tales about you, he is thrilled to hear them all. You’ll notice from the way your partner socialises with your friends. If he makes the effort in having a great time with them, he’s a keeper.

Sign 2: He remembers your favourite things


He remembers everything about you. He knows you love wearing his t-shirt during sleepovers. He watches sitcoms because you love them. He buys your favourite macarons from the bakery that you loved. When he’s into you, he remembers and cherishes everything about you. No details spared because he loves putting a smile on your face.

Sign 3: He opens up to you

It’s tough for guys to open up their feelings to someone. They dislike the vulnerabilities that comes from sharing their flaws and insecurities. With you, it feels different. He is comfortable around you. He discusses his fear and worries with ease. That’s because he knows you’ll be there for him no matter what.

Sign 4: He makes sure you’re safe


Whether you’re driving late from work or a friend’s party, he wants to know if you’re home safe and sound. He worries whenever he’s not around to care for you. Despite knowing that you can stand on your own two feet, he checks in on you just to be sure.

Sign 5: He asks about your day

Whether you’re having a major college assignment or a stressful week in the office, he asks about your day. A man who cares for you would be there no matter what. He wants to be a part of your day as much as possible. During good times, he would also be happy with your success and achievements.

Sign 6: He loves chatting with you


He looks forward to having conversations with you every day. Whether he calls regularly or sends a flirty text, he does it as often as he can. He also knows the perfect pun to cheer you up or the right meme to make you laugh. If he’s too busy to meet you, he calls whenever he can. That’s because hearing your voice makes him happy.

Sign 7: He supports your interest

The best way to know someone is through their interests, passions and ambitions. Since it makes up who you are, he is intrigued by the things that excite you. He might not necessarily love your interest, but he tries to be a part of it. If you enjoy hitting the gym, he joins you. If you’re a romcom fan, he watches it even though he prefers Marvel movies on any given day.

Sign 8: He wants to see you


When a man is into you, he wants to see you all the time. He wants more than just talking on the phone and texting all day. He makes plans and finds a good dating spot or restaurant to dine. You can measure his interests by the amount of effort he puts into a date.

Sign 9: He loves being romantic

He enjoys being a hopeless romantic around you. He does whatever it takes to pull at your heartstrings. You will also notice how affectionate he becomes when dating you. He often holds your hands and leans in close. He’s not afraid to show how much you mean to him. He also makes sure the world knows it.

Sign 10: He brings out the best in you

A man who loves you would bring out the best in you. He supports your ambition, listens to your crazy dreams and motivates you to become better. Whatever your dreams may be, he will encourage you to pursue it. At the end of the day, being with him encourages you to become a better version of yourself.

When you meet a man who treats you right, you will know. From asking about your day to making sure you’re alright, he knows the right way to win you over. If your man of the moment meets all the signs above, you know what that means. He’s a keeper.

What is the eleventh sign that he’s a keeper? Share with us in the comments below!