5 Easy Steps to Start Your Online Business


Ever thinking of earning some extra income by the end of the month or you just feel that you want to take a break from your 9 to 5 job? Having an online business now is somehow an easy way to earn money since the only things you need are a computer or smartphone, your products, an internet connection and also comfy clothes (especially comfy sweatpants!)  The question is, how to start? Continue reading this article and hopefully it can help you to kickstart your ideas. 

1.    Decide what to sell


Before you decide on anything, do your research first. Have a clear idea especially on who is your target market. From there you will have a basic idea on what to sell and what price range are you looking at.

“Help, I do not know what to sell but I am very passionate about this”. Worry not, first of all, passion is very important, and now try and ask yourself what is the thing that you are most likely to keep on purchasing.

Then, consider to do drop shipping first. From becoming a drop shipper of the product, you can learn more about the product that you are selling, how to increase your sales and also ways to convince buyers to purchase from you. Most of the new entrepreneurs agree that their first mistakes were to sell as a variety of products and ended up not focusing on which to actually boost to customers. Don’t repeat this mistake, take your time to decide.


2.    Choose your platform


We have a lot of social media platforms nowadays that you can choose to start selling your products. The most popular ones are Facebook and Instagram. “So which one should I choose? Can’t I use both?” Of course you can. The thing is, it is better to start at one social media first and after that you can start “leveling up” to another social media platform. See which one that you have the most followers and you can start selling.


3.    Catchy name/phrases


Not a lot of people will actually view an online shop with a difficult name to pronounce and remember. Go for something simple, easy to remember and also the one that reflect what you are actually selling. You can also have catchy phrases to go with your online shop.


4.    Register with SSM


You might be thinking that you are only doing business online but here in Malaysia, although you are doing your business online, you still need to register your business. Quoting the Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Ministry secretary-general “registering your online businesses will not only ensure that online businesses can be developed further in the country, but will also ensure that consumers are protected.” Your buyers also will be more confident to purchase from you when you verify that you have already registered with SSM.


5.    Marketing


Have you ever seen some videos or even stuff posted online that attracts you to actually view the website? That is one of the marketing that they do to attract viewers and buyers. You should put effort and also invest a bit in marketing. You’ll be surprised to see the traffic to your website/page after a good marketing strategy.


Now that you have all these tips, hope you are ready to start your own online business. Good luck and do share with us if you have more tips in the comment section below.