5 Fashion Essentials You Need for Your Vacation


It’s nearing the end of the year now which means 99% of your Instagram feed is going to be photos of your friends, family and colleagues going on a vacation. The existence of social media largely influences our choices in life – suddenly going on holiday matters more about “what do I bring to look stylish but doesn’t cost me extra weight in the luggage?” than “what do I bring for a simple vacation?” Ever wondered why your friends or Instagram celeb-crush always look good even while travelling? Well, have these key items in your luggage and be prepared to rock your holiday looks! Read down below.

1. Carry a pair of sunglasses everywhere


Make sunglasses your new best friend. It would come at your rescue when you have have eye bags or simply do not want to wear any eye makeup on because it could turn your appearance 180 degrees when you have it on. Also, if you are wandering about the city under the hot sun or hanging at the beach, chances are you’re either to have these on and saving your eyes from direct sunlight while still appearing chic effortlessly.

2. Invest in a pair of good well-fitted jeans


Let’s face it – jeans are everyone’s must-have. Provided that you’ve got a pair which hugs your hips at the right place and sits just right on your ankles, you’ve got to get one that will make every photo you take instantly Instagrammable. Bring at least two pairs on your holiday preferably in different shades and plan your outfits around them – the right jeans will flatter your body and turn your outfits looking stylish in a second!

3. Bring a trendy scarf


A scarf could save your outfits if you’re feeling ‘meh’ and run out of ideas on dressing up – a plus point, they’re mighty comfortable too. If monograms aren’t your thing, patterned scarves in bright colors (fuchsia, anyone?) could rock that all black outfit. However, avoid getting scarves which are too big if you’re going for a summer holiday – a thin silk scarf is the perfect choice!

4. Simple mono-colored cardigan


Cardigans should be your top priority in case you need to cover your shoulders. They are also versatile to be worn depending on what kind of events or places you’re going to. A plain black cardigan over a tank top with jeans is comfortable for a day trip in the city, while a beige cardigan over a maxi dress is romantic for a night out or a candlelight dinner by the beach. Whichever you prefer, get a minimum of two pieces and you’re set for your vacation.

5. A leather backpack/ crossbody bag


Of course, where else would all your stuff i.e. cash, credit cards and makeup go into? A crossbody bag or a backpack would ensure you to be hands-free to navigate through the unknown city and for carry all those shopping bags! Crossbody bags are officially the ‘It’ bag for 2018 with designers producing their own signature designs and we are spoilt for choices than ever before. If designer monograms or big, chunky initial logo aren’t your thing, go for plain colored leather bag which is small enough not to wear you down during your day trips, and has enough room for your travel essentials.

So now you’re all set for your new experience all over the world. Make sure you have these on your trips and your photos will automatically fit in the Instagram-worthy category! Share with us some of the amazing picture worthy places to travel to in the comment section below.