5 Signs She Really Likes You


One of the world’s biggest mysteries, aside from the formation of Stonehenge, is the complex mind of a woman. Till this day, men have been having difficulties telling what is really going inside a woman’s head.

This confusion is further proven in flirting where the guy is usually clueless on whether to act on it or leave her be. These mixed signals only discourage men from making a move and ultimately winning her heart.

However, there are certain signs that show a girl really likes you, you just haven’t noticed it yet. Don’t worry though, we are here to help you crack the intricate mind of a woman and point out five of the obvious signals that she really, really likes you.


1.    She laughs at your lame jokes


It is a known fact that women like men who can make them laugh. It is a law of attraction that a person will automatically be drawn to another person who can make them feel gleeful all the time. Even if your jokes are lame and others don’t find it funny, but she is the only person who LOL-ed at them, she is into you. Look out for toothy grins and constant smiles whenever you tell a story that sets up your facepalm worthy punchline.


2.    Her feet are in your direction


Her body language is also an important detail to look out for to know if she is interested in you. While the ol’ “playing with the hair” is a common sign, pay attention to her feet too. When a girl likes you, chances are that her feet is pointed directly towards you, moving her entire body to your direction. This shows that she is interested on whatever it is that you are talking about. Therefore, whenever the both of you are together, have a quick look at her shoes.


3.    She’s touchy-feely


We are not talking about just a simple handshake here. We mean when she finds every excuse to touch you slightly. Be it a gentle push when she is laughing at your jokes, brushing your arm whenever you walk side-by-side, or hugs you longer than usual, these body contacts are a good sign for you to make your move.


4.    Shows jealousy

Whenever you are hanging out with other girls and you see her reacting to that situation negatively, that means she likes you. The idea of sharing you with someone else would be daunting to her as she wants to be treated special than the rest. So, if she starts questioning about other girls, know that she is just making sure that they aren’t a threat.


5.    How her friends treat you


One thing about girls is that they ALWAYS talk about other people. And if you are the lucky boy whom she likes, we can guarantee that she has been talking about you to her close friends. Which is a good thing; it means she wants her friends to know who you are. If you meet her friends, pay attention on how they treat you. Some might do a quick interview to make sure if you are right for her, some might tease you just to make her blush; whatever their methods are, you can kind of tell whether if she’s been talking about you or not.



Is there any girl who is showing these five signs? How do you know when a girl likes you? Tell us at the comments section below!