6 Ways to be Closer as a Couple


Every relationship has its trials and tribulations, including the lack of intimacy between partners. First things first, it’s a normal relationship phase. So don’t let it keep you up at night. When you’re balancing between your daily routine and weekday spreadsheets, it can affect the connection with your loved one. Instead of diving into a series of arguments and silent treatments, ignite the spark in your relationship. There are many ways couples can do to revive intimacy once more.

1. Explore their interests


What makes us unique is our interests and hobbies. Whether your boyfriend is a huge Cardiff City fan or your girlfriend is a fashion illustration guru, every interest is worth knowing. Hence, show genuine interests in what they’re passionate about. Buy his favourite chips and watch a match with him. Surprise her with a sketchbook and other art supplies. It’s impossible to fall in love with all of their interests, but it will definitely draw you closer as a couple.

2. Go for a day trip


Too busy for a holiday? Plan a day trip instead. Fun and spontaneous, a day trip doesn’t have to be expensive. Besides, there are many sights to see and events to attend that won’t blow off your budget. You can attend an indie music gig, spend the afternoon in a theme park or queue up for that cheesecake that everyone was raving about. Pick something simple that you both can do together.

3. Show appreciation


When was the last time you said thank you to your loved one? It’s been a while, huh? When you’re so caught up with work and everything else, gratitude tends to get lost in the midst of your busy day. Now that you have an overdue thank you to say, try to make it extra special. If your partner has been helping out with chores or stressing out over vacation plans, show some appreciation. You can make a cup of tea, book a spa day or pick up their favourite doughnut on your way from work.

4. Listen attentively


You would be surprised how meaningful a heart-to-heart talk can be. More so when your partner musters the courage to talk about their work conflict or family dispute. When they do, listen attentively. Give them the space to share their thoughts and discuss the things that happened. Show that you’re listening by asking questions too. To be honest, it’s always comforting to know that support is never too far away.

5. Create a couple ritual


What are the little things that you would love to do as a couple? Maybe you love talking on the phone before bedtime. Perhaps you like leaving secret notes in their wallet. Whatever it is, create a little couple ritual with your partner. Something that only both of you would know. Combined with an element of surprise, you can do anything to make them feel special and their heart flutter.

6. Choose conversations over conflict


A relationship is not all sunshine and rainbows. Some days, there will mistakes and misunderstandings that will cloud your day. When a problem arises, choose conversations over conflicts. Instead of magnifying the problem, sit down and talk things through. Find out the source of anger or sadness. Honesty is important, so be open about your feelings too. When you and your partner understand the root of the problem, it’ll be easier to find a solution for it.

Looking at the bigger picture, all it takes is time and effort to reignite the spark with your special someone. Whether you choose to plan a day trip or show appreciation to your loved one, we hope it will bring you closer as a couple. Share us some of your experiences down below.