Getting Ready For 11.11 Sale


November is upon us and that could only mean one thing: Singles’ Day! Singles’ Day or 11.11 is the Asian answer to America’s Black Friday or Britain’s Boxing Day. It is a day where everything online goes for a cheaper price than its retail rate. Introduced by business mogul Jack Ma, 11.11 proves to be a success by receiving billions of dollars of revenue every year.

Shopaholics look forward to this day as many products from clothes to electronics, home appliances and even car parts go on sale with massive discounts that are rarely applied to. But how do you get the most out of the biggest online shopping deal ever?

Well, since we at ZALORA are also part of this event, we have some inside scoop on how to do so. Here are a few tips for the upcoming 11.11 sales day.

1.    Check out previews


Before 11.11 starts, it is important to frequently check up on websites that are having the online sales. This is because some sites will do a preview of what is to come on the day itself. Some might even throw in an early discount prior to 11.11 just to get its loyal customers excited for the global event. Also, look out for applicable codes which are given days early to be inserted when purchasing your item.


2.    Fill up your shopping cart


To get what you want easily, you need to think one step ahead prior to 11.11. Therefore, it would be wise if you stack up your online shopping cart with your desired items beforehand. People who only browse through the site on the day itself will lose their chances on getting whatever first. Remember, 11.11 comes on a first comes first serve basis. So, if you snooze, you lose.


3.    Check similar products


Sometimes the products you want are sold at different prices at different sites. That awesome leather jacket you want could cost less than the site you are currently subscribed to. Therefore, browsing through different sites not only helps broaden your choices but also might help you save a couple of bucks.


4.    Look out for additional discounts


Since 11.11 is the biggest online sale in the world, some external parties might want to get in on the action. Companies that see the potential of this day tend to provide offers and more discount codes for customers to enjoy. So, keep an eye out for sites that are providing these extra benefits to get the best out of your 11.11 experience.


5.    Read reviews


Before purchasing your desired items, always read reviews regarding it. The comments section will be your unofficial guide to the product you are getting. You do not want to mistakenly buy a fancy-looking item only to have it damaged on the third use. Also, it also helps if you compare to other products to get the best out of the best.


6.    Buy what you need


This is probably the most important point when it comes to surviving 11.11. Buy what you need, not what you want. We know, it is hard to ignore these crazy deals on various items provided. However, do not give in into your greed and refrain yourself from buying stuff that you would probably only use once. Learn to turn a blind eye to other unnecessary things and focus on items that will be useful to you.



Now that you know how to tackle 11.11, are you ready for the world’s biggest online sale? What are you getting from it? Tell us at the comments section below!