How to Care for Your Long Hair for Men


There is a specific kind of rugged sexiness about dudes with long hair. Take Jason Momoa for example; doesn’t he look hotter now than he was back in 2013? Or Jared Leto who now embraces his luscious long locks rather than keeping it short. And don’t get us started on Johnny Depp. These men only prove that having long hair can be sexy and should be given a chance at least once in your lifetime.

However, maintaining a long hairstyle like theirs can be a bit of a chore especially to those who are accustomed to having short hair their whole life. It isn’t as easy as to just letting it grow without any care taken. There is a certain routine to be followed to keep your hair long and healthy.

So, before you grow your hair out, make sure you get in the know on how to take extra care of your soon-to-be long hair.

1.    Seldom shampoo


One thing that most guys get wrong is that they shampoo almost every day. Maybe that’s fine for men with short hair – even so, you shouldn’t shampoo that often – but if you have long hair, that habit should be stopped immediately. This is because shampooing actually dries out your hair and strips its natural oils. Therefore, only shampoo twice a week or when your hair feels dirty.


2.    Use a conditioner instead


When you have long hair, a conditioner is your best friend. Instead of over-shampooing your hair, use a conditioner on your hair instead everyday even if you haven’t shampooed. When applied, let it sit for two to three minutes then rinse it off using only cool water. An even better suggestion would be by using an egg yolk conditioner on your hair. This is due to the fact that eggs are filled with proteins and minerals that are essential to your follicles.


3.    Wash using cool water


Cool water closes the hair cuticles up which will prevent it from getting clogged. It also can help seal the pores in your scalp so that excess dirt couldn’t get in. This will benefit your hair as it becomes shinier, stronger, and healthier. So next time when you shower, avoid doing it in hot water or even freezing cold water. Just mid temperature should be fine.


4.    Air dry


Wet hair tends to be weaker and more vulnerable than usual. Therefore, avoid vigorously drying it by doing that rubbing-back-and-forth technique with a towel which only damages your hair even more. Instead, pat it gently with a dry towel for it to absorb the water on your head or, even better, just leave it to air dry.


5.    Switch your products


Pomades, gels, waxes, and all the other hair products you once knew are mostly suitable for guys with short hair. Using them only makes you hair look unnatural and weighed down. So, once your hair is longer than your ears, it is time to switch to more appropriate products such as creams and serums. Even so, keep things minimal when it comes to styling up your long hair.


6.    Avoid wearing hats


Although, dad hats are the current in thing, you shouldn’t wear tight hats when you have long hair. Wearing them can lead to traction alopecia which is a condition that results in hair loss. Tight ponytails can also have this effect which sometimes could be a permanent damage. Therefore, if you want to get in on the current trend of caps or tying your hair in a ponytail, make sure you loosen it up.


Have you ever had long hair? How do you take care of it? Share your tips down at the comments section below!