How to Motivate Yourself Into Finally Working Out


Admit it, you have always thought of hitting the gym one of these days. However, when the day comes, you suddenly become extra lazy and bail on it. Do not worry, we are the same too. But truthfully, it would be great if we could finally get our butts out of the bed, put on some gym-appropriate clothes, and hit the nearest gym. All you need is a little push to complete this difficult task.

While the first time of going to one might be an exciting experience, maintaining that enthusiasm is another problem altogether. But not to fret, we have some tips to get you motivated for a workout session. Let’s go through some, shall we?


1.    Set goals


One easiest way to motivate yourself into working out is to set multiple goals you look forward to achieving out of your workout routine. These goals you have written can act as a reminder to why you commit to your workout anyway. Whether it be something long-term like getting a beach body come next summer or something short-term as in fitting into a skinny jean you left hanging in your closet, setting goals is a good start to your workout routine. Just make sure it is realistic and attainable.


2.    Plan your workout


It is important to plan your workout beforehand so that you will not lose track of your schedule. Doing it spontaneously will only expose it to uncertainty and last-minute cancellation. So, make sure you follow your schedule and discipline yourself for your workout session. Treat it as if it was an important meeting that you have specifically set, declining any other impromptu invitations that come your way. Try to fit in at least an hour of workout, twice a week, for starters.


3.    Get dressed


Dressing up for an occasion is always fun. You dress up for a dinner date, a casual hangout session, and even when visiting the in-laws. So why not dress up when going to the gym? Now, with sportswear being the worldwide trend, it should be easier for you to seek for the perfect gym outfit which you can wear to your workout session. Wear clothes that make you feel good and show off your workout routine in style.


4.    Buddy up


If going to the gym alone seems a bit lonely, you should get one of your friends and go together! A friendly competition would not hurt between the two of you. Set goals and challenge each other to complete it. That way, the both of you can keep track of each other and encourage to work out more.


5.    Be it your “me” time


Above all else, treat your newly workout routine as a personal downtime. Do not consider it as a chore that you must workout no matter what. Make it as a time when you can just relax and have that one hour to yourself without any interruption. Besides, everybody needs a moment to disconnect themselves from the world. Only you are keeping fit while doing it.



Now that you know how to start your long overdue workout, get up and hit the nearest gym ASAP! Are there any other ways that can help motivate you into working out? Share them with us in the comments section below.