How to Organize Your Make Up Bag


If you are travelling, it is recommended to only carry the things you need and this includes what’s in your makeup bag. Yes, you may be tempted to carry all of your makeup at home but keep it simple for travelling. If you have no idea how to organize your ideal makeup bag, take a look at a few tips down below.

1. Make it light


You don't need that extra mirror or eyeshadow pallete to bring along with you during your trip. Bring make up products that can do double job. Simply select the important basic makeup items you need for 'touch - up' sessions when you're out and about.

2. Have a make up brush 


You don't need to have, the biggest brush to put inside your make up bag as a small one can also do wonders. The brush can help you apply your blush, highlighter or powder and blending it in all as well.

3. Make sure nothing is expired


Please do check your make up product routinely in order to confirm that your make up is not expired. If your make up products look discoloured, has bubbles, smells straight musky, you know it is time to throw all of the expired make up away. Do not use it anymore, because it can give a bad effect towards your face. 

4. Toss in a few lipstick


Do not put all your lipsticks or even lips gloss together in your make up bag. Just choose only one lip gloss and one lipstick shade (or two). This helps you to minimize the products you need and use during your travelling trips. Choose lipstick shades that suits the outfits you packed.

5. Keep supplies simple


You don't need to have all your make up products into your make up bag. For example, just have a small size of makeup powder, a mini brush, one or two lipstick, one lip gloss, eye shadow stick, concealer pen, and 3-in-1 pallet in your make up bag. Keep your supplies simple and work with what you have. The BASICS!

Let us know how you organize your own makeup bag in the comment box below.