How to Start A Band


Ever wondered how Guns N’ Roses, blink-182, Fall Out Boy, and Royal Blood got together and become who they are today? It all started out with an idea to form a band out of the same passion in music. It might seem like an easy understanding, but it is actually the most frustrating part of being in a band; because if the start isn’t right, there is a high probability that the band will fall apart quickly.

That is why there are certain stages that you need to know if you are planning to start a kickass band. You don’t want to be that short-lived band who only has a one-hit wonder which people occasionally listen to when it comes up on the radio.

1.    Find band members

First things first, you need members in your band. Traditionally, a band consists of a bassist, a drummer, a guitarist, and of course, the singer, but depending on the genre and style you are going for, your line-up may vary. You can go all Slipknot with your band with nine members or you can keep it minimal with two like Twenty One Pilots. No matter how many members you have, the most important thing is that all of you have the right chemistry to work together professionally and are on the same page on bringing the band forward.


2.    Determine your sound


Once you get everyone together, you now must decide on your own sound. Ask each other what are some of the music they listen to, their current favourite artists, their musical influences, and so on. You will be surprised to find out the various types of genres that your band members listen to. With these collective styles, it will be easier to get your band into perspective on the direction you are going for.


3.    Practice makes perfect


After you’ve decided on the direction you are targeting, it is now time to jam! Get everyone together and jam a couple of songs just to familiarise yourselves with each style of playing. Practice on the important things like making sure the drummer’s tempo is perfect, getting a suitable key for the vocalist for each song, and keeping the band as tight as possible without any screw-ups.


4.    Write and record


Now comes the most exciting part: writing songs! This is where you and your bandmates can get as creative as you guys want without having to limit your artistic self. However, don’t go too overboard with the songwriting process and create tons of songs that could fit into a double album. Take your time and explore different riffs, hooks, or beats that really fits the song. It is quality over quantity when it comes to your first few songs.


5.    Get known


When your band feels ready to face the world, it is eventually time to get yourselves known. Start a band page on every social media site possible and put out your music there, put up posters of your band promoting your singles, print out t-shirts with your band’s logo plastered on it; or for an even simple option, tell your friends then them to tell their friends about your band. Whatever the approach may be, you are going to need all kinds of exposure you can get.



Being in a band is not that difficult once you got the right people to form with. So, thinking of starting one? How do you think a band should start? Leave a comment on the comments section down below!