Reasons Why You Always Feel Sleepy


If you are anything like us, we always come in the office feeling sleepy all the time. Even if we had a goodnight sleep last night, we would be yawning constantly while resisting ourselves from shutting our eyes during the day. We are pretty sure we are not the only ones who feel sleepy all the time, right?

So why does that happen? Why do people feel sleepy even if they have had enough sleep? Well, there are many other factors that lead to you being a sleepyhead which has to do with the lifestyle you lead.

Let’s look at some of the reasons why sleepiness strikes on broad daylight and some of the ways to counter it.

1.    Poor sleeping habits


The most common reason why you always feel tired might seem obvious: you are simply not getting enough sleep. The average person needs at least eight hours of sleep per night to fully function on a brand new day. Children and teenagers need more hours, and despite the notion that people’s sleeping hours decrease with age, most people still need a good eight hours of shut-eye.


2.    Poor diet


Your daily food consumption also plays a role on your level of sleepiness. The combination of refined carbs and sugar leads to you feeling tired throughout the day. This is because those two together will cause a rapid rise in your blood sugar which can exhaust you. Therefore, cut down on your refined carbs and sugar intake and opt for nutrients that give you energy like food with more calories and proteins in it.


3.    High stress level


While having a little stress in your life could benefit you as it keeps you alert and on your toes at all time but having excessive prolonged stress can cause physical and emotional exhaustion. How you deal with stress can also influence how tired you feel. Therefore, if you ever feel stressed out, take some time off to calm yourself down. Try some mind-body practices like meditation or yoga to keep you calm and collected which ultimately enables you to cope with stress.


4.    Your sedentary lifestyle


Your lifestyle also contributes to your sleepiness. If you are the type to just slack around the house in your pyjamas without doing anything productive, you are going to feel sleepier and sleepier as time goes by. Or if you are working at a job which has you sitting inanimately on a chair facing the computer screen the whole day, it is highly likely that you are going to feel more tired than usual. Inactivity is one of the root causes of your constant low energy. So, get up and do some quick exercises or simply move around to wake yourself up a little.


5.    Medical conditions


If you have made changes to your lifestyle, eating properly, and done everything you can to avoid being tired but still do anyways, you might want to check up with your doctor. You could be in a serious medical condition which identifies fatigue as a symptom like anemia, diabetes, vitamin deficiencies, or others.



There are many factors when it comes to you feeling chronically tired every day. The most you can do is to change your lifestyle entirely to avoid being sleepy. So how do you overcome this matter? Share with us at the comments section below.