Simple Fashion Tricks to Hide That Muffin Top

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It cannot be denied that we have some insecurity about our body especially at the tummy area. We are often conscious to hide away our muffin tops and this affects our self-esteem.  Well no worries as we are bringing simple fashion tricks to flaunt your body with confidence and looking fashionable at the same time.

1.     Structured Fabric


 Avoid from wearing anything that is too tight or fabric that clings onto your body. Opt for structured outfits that hold their shape and gives a good silhouette to your mid-section.


2.     Focus on the bust

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If you dare, draw attention to your bust area by wearing a low neck tank top, for example. This helps draw away focus from your muffin top and adds more balance to your silhouette. Better yet, you can layer up your low neck top with an outerwear as it smoothens up your midriff.


3.       High Waisted

high waist.jpg

Believe it or night, high-waisted jeans definitely hides your mid-section perfectly well under the denim layer. The strong grip it has around your midsection makes your tummy seem flatter than it actual is. Besides that, no one would suspect anything as high-waisted jeans are still in trend. People will only think you are just being fashionable.


4.       Long Length Tops

low top.jpg

 If you prefer to wear low rise jeans and afraid it will expose your muffin top, you can rock it with a longer length top. The long top should cover the areas you want to hide and not pop out.



5.       Empire Waist


 Remember when empire waist became a popular trend once? It still is a timeless look as you can rock the empire waist dresses or tops without having to worry much about your muffin top. This is because the loose design around your mid-section gives that comfortable feel and flat illusion as nothing is hugging around tight on your stomach.


Apply these simple fashion tricks without any more worries and flaunt your amazing style everywhere you go. So what are other ways you can think of that can help hide that muffin top? Share down below.