The Many Ways to Wear A Beanie

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Whether you are keeping your dome warm on a cold weather or just trying out a winter style, you can always depend on a beanie to pull it off. Like hats, beanies come in different designs that can suit any type of head structure a person has and is considered an essential in headwear.

However, the head-toasting fashion item is a tricky piece to pull off. When done correctly, you will be looking like a winter fashion pro like Harry Styles but if done wrongly, you would be looking like someone who is sick. Therefore, there are certain ways to wear a beanie according to its specific design.

We know, there are still people who swears off the beanie just because it looks weird on them. But fret not as we at ZALORA will guide you on the many ways to pull off a beanie.

1.    Single cuff

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As far as beanie style goes, this is the granddaddy of them all. It is the easiest one to pull off without looking too over the top nor dressed down for your OOTD. Simply cuff the beanie once towards the outside and wear it over your head. This is the safest way to wear one if you are having any doubts on how to style your beanie up. Just make sure it covers half of your head.


2.    Fisherman

hipster mister.jpg

Inspired by Bill Murray’s title character in 2004’s “The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou”, the fisherman style is now the hipster way to wear a beanie. This time, the beanie is rolled twice making it shorter and tighter and is placed right above your ear. Granted, it is not exactly practical when it comes to keeping your head warm but it sure is stylish-looking.


3.    High-top


Just like the fisherman, the high-top style is mostly for appearance than practicality. The objective here is to wear your beanie as high as it possibly can on top of your head. Let it rest vertically upwards leaving some room between the top of the item and your head. Pull this style off if you consider yourself a fashion forward person who puts style first over everything else.


4.    Slouchy


David Beckham is probably the only person we can think of who is able to effortlessly pull off the slouchy beanie look. The way to do it is to wear it far back until the extra fabric slouch at the back of your head and allowing some hair to show in the front. However, this style is only for the brave as it is the riskiest among the rest of the other styles mentioned above. But if you have David Beckham-level of confidence, we say go for it!


See? There is actually no need to shy away from the beanie. It can be worn in different styles, you just need to know which one is your style. Will you try on the beanie? How do you style yours? Tell us at the comments section below!