The Only 5 Things to Bring to Your First Gym Session


You finally made a decision to get out of the house, be active and hit the gym. You have signed up for a membership and it’s going to be your first time to the gym. It will be quite stressful and intimidating when you don’t know what to expect. You will be wondering where to start and how your session will turn out. Apart from the right mindset (to make full use of your gym time for a better healthier you), it is wise to equip yourself with some basic gym essentials. Well, here are a few suggestions of five basic things that you need to bring when you step foot into the gym for your first ever session.

1. Comfortable gym clothes


It does not necessarily have to be fashionable or the latest up-to-date attire in the market. Don’t splurge your money on buying expensive gym attire simply to look great. Fashionable branded workout clothes and accessories do not guarantee a successful session. Opt for something comfortable so that you can move freely with confidence. Don’t forget to wear an appropriate pair of shoes that is suitable for your gym activities.

2. Towel


A towel is without doubt one of your must-have gym essentials. Of course we go to the gym to sweat but nobody likes to be drenched by other people’s puddles of sweat! So, bring your own towel, something that is convenient to be carried around to dab your sweat. You can also lay it down on the machines you intend to use in order to avoid getting other people’s sweat on you. It is gross (not to forget, unhealthy due to the germs) if you are about to start working out and suddenly notice a wet spot contributed by the previous user. Be sure to wipe your sweat from all handles as well as surfaces of the equipment you used once you are done.

3. Water bottle


A water bottle is crucial especially when it comes to physical activity, be it in the gym or even the outdoors. Your body will loose water during workout in the form of sweat when you are doing cardio. Hence, it would be nice to always have a bottle filled with water by your side so that you can replenish and hydrate yourself. Don’t forget this.

4. A Lock


It is inconvenient to walk around with your towel, bag and personal items. However most gyms don’t allow you to carry your bag around. But no worries as you can use the locker facility provided. Bring a lock with you so you can keep your bag plus all your other belongings safely in the locker while you go all out during your session. However, some well-known gyms are designed with lock cards that you can use.

5. Gym Bag


Of course you will need a gym bag to put all your things in. Get a duffel bag which is big enough to fit all your belongings such as your sportswear, sport shoes and towel. If you intend to go anywhere else after your session, don’t forget to spare some room for shower essentials and a change of clothes in your bag.

Once you have all these, garner your courage, be positive and ready to enjoy your first session. Focus on your workout and make sure you try to get the most out of it. Later, once you know your way around the gym and familiar with your workout routines, you can add other things to be brought along. You might want to use a fitness tracker, listen to good music while working out or maybe some snacks to heal your body after an intense workout session. What do you think of this gym essential list for first timer gym-goer? Did I leave out anything? If you have something to add, kindly share it in the comment box below.