Things Not to Do When Meeting The Parents for The First Time


When the relationship is getting serious between you and your partner, the next step would be meeting the parents. Obviously, you want to make a great first impression. Google can be your instant best friend as you can search on how to look good, what to wear as well as what to say when meeting the family for the first time because the environment may feel super awkward really quick.

1. “Be yourself, Don't say any crap, Don't be overconfident”


Something that everyone will keep reminding you before you step out; it can be a totally confusing advice. It can be tricky for our self. All you need to do is to be as calm as possible and remember to not to do certain candid things for the first family meet up.

2. Don't ignore your partner

This is your first time meeting the family and your partner might tell you some stories about their family. As nervous as you are, be on good manners to just listen and be polite at the same time. That's a huge way to show the family how you totally respect to them and make everyone less nervous too!

3. Don't take things personally


Obviously, you can be “yourself” but they don’t know you well enough yet. They might talk casually without thinking that some words may hurt your feelings. Also, their parents and siblings are worried about making a great first impression on you too. Things will get less weird eventually over time.

4. Follow the dress code

Wear something reasonable and if you're not sure what their style is, play it safe by going conservative.

5. Talk about how great their son / daughter is


Their parents want to see that you adore their son or daughter as much as they do. Praise the awesome way they treat you and point out achievements or positive stories about your partner.

6. Offer to help out

Don't be lazy. Help anything that needs help such as cleaning up the dinner table, washing dishes and tidying up. It shows that you’re willing to participant in the family dynamic.

Lastly, you should never feel afraid to say what you feel. Hidden feelings can put you in the most awkward positions, just show them the inner of you, yourself. However if you're not ready to meet the parents, then make that perfectly clear with your partner but if you are, go for it. Do you have any stories on this topic? Share with us your experience of meeting your partner’s family for the first time down below.