Tips to Take Care of Your Colour-treated Hair


You can upgrade your look by colouring your hair. To make your hair dye last longer, proper hair care is important. Taking care of your hair not only can make your hair dye colour lasts longer but it will also make your hair strong and healthy. Here are some tips that you can apply to take care of your colour-treated hair. 

1.    Use sulfate-free conditioners made for colour-treated hair


Not all labelled conditioners are perfect for your coloured hair. Use sulfate-free shampoos so that your hair will not become dry and brittle. Just in some cases, the label does not state the“sulfate-free”, you can just check the ingredients part on the packaging with the word “sulfate”. 


2.    Dry your hair naturally


Regardless of whether you want to blow-dry, curl or straighten your hair, you should be aware that high heat can damage your hair especially if you bleached it first. If you have to use a hairdryer, apply a heat protectant product on your and focus the heat on the roots. If you have curly hair, try to dry your hair by using the plopping method instead. 


3.    Consume hair vitamins


Never ever skip your hair vitamins. Even for non colour-treated hair, conditioner and vitamin is a must to make your hair grow healthy and strong. Vitamin C can be found in things like citrus, and help improve the condition of your scalp. However, biotin like carrots, yolks, and salmon can make your hair strong and glossy. If it is hard for you to check for these ingredients, supplements are always the best.




Sleeping with wet hair can cause damage and breakage hence, make sure your hair is fully dry before crashing on your bed. If you must sleep with your wet hair, make sure to braid it first and preferably half dry. Avoid sleeping with your hair in a bun or ponytail as well even when it is dry.


The conclusion is, use your usual hair care products so your hair can grow strong and healthy. If you have any other tips, you may share it down below!