Ways to Keep Dry Stylishly in Rainy Season


Some countries have four temperate seasons, Malaysia interestingly has three – rain, hot, and friggin’ hot! While Malaysians are used to the hot weather by now, we are not particularly sure about how to dress when rain pours. This is evident when we see locals still wearing their usual clothes as they would on a normal day rather than prepping for rain to come.

“Where is he going with all of those layers of clothes?”, they sneer when they see someone wearing a perfectly ordinary peacoat over a shirt on a cloudy afternoon. Unlike them, we are simply looking to face the pouring rain in style.

But how do you style yourself up when it rains? Since monsoon season is upon us, now is a good time to check out some fashionable tips on how to dress and keep dry on a rainy day.

1.    Never wear white!

First rule of keeping stylish in the rain, never wear white! When water splashes to your white clothes, no matter how opaque they are, it is going to be see through which is unflattering for both you and the people around you. You don’t want to be looking like you are a wet t-shirt contest champion. So, leave out your whites and opt for dark colours, preferably black as it disguises splashes from the rain.


2.    Layer up


One major style move, for any season, is to layer yourself up with jackets. This is especially useful in the rain as it keeps you warm when it gets cold. You don’t have to layer with heavy clothes though. Just a simple cardigan or a hoodie would be enough to maintain your body temperature.


3.    Now’s the time for coats


If there is one thing fashionistas look forward to when it rains, it is that they now have the perfect excuse to wear raincoats that are stored in their closet through the summer. Since wearing coats in Malaysia is unpractical due to the blazing hot sun, it is now allowed to be donned when it rains. Take out your trench coat, your anoraks, your peacoats, and mac jackets; because now is the time to show them off while keeping dry!


4.    Leather fabrics


We know you have at least one leather-made item hidden away in your closet somewhere. While it might look too over the top on ordinary days, leather clothes are a good idea during rainy season. Not only does it give you the rockstar look, it also is easy to wipe off any splashes staining it.


5.    Umbrellas as accessory


The obvious thing to do when it rains is to protect yourself with an umbrella. However, it’s a shame most people don’t put too much thought when purchasing it because it could sneakily serve as a fabulous add-on to your get-up. Sure, you could get a cheap boring one at the nearest 7-Eleven, or you could get a cute vibrant one which can also act as an accessory to your outfit. A bubble umbrella is a good example to cocoon yourself from the rain while looking cute at the same time.


So, what do you wear when it rains? Any personal style move you have saved for weathers like this? Drop a comment on the comments section below!