Wearing Colours According to Your Skin Tone


Choosing the perfect outfit for the day can be a tricky thing. You need to determine which cut flatters your body or which design is suitable for the occasion; then comes colour which is possibly the most important aspect of a complete outfit.

Ever had someone commented on your outfit pointing out that the colour “is so you” or that you don’t look good with that colour on? While wearing colours outside of your comfort zone deserves some major style points, knowing the right hue that works with your skin tone can instantly boost your look. But, how do you know which colours suit you best?

Below, we breakdown the various colours that will look good on you according to your skin tone.

First things first, you need to know what your skin undertone is for you to wear the correct coloured outfit. This is usually categorized in three: cool, warm, and neutral. There are many ways to figure out which category you belong to. The most common one is by looking at your veins on your wrist. If your veins are blue-ish, you are mostly cool-toned but if you have green-ish veins, you are most probably warm. If you have neither however, or are just confused by all this, you have a neutral tone.


cool siot.jpg

People with cool-toned skin are usually very fair or very dark. Their best colours are on the cool end of the colour spectrum which are inspired by the depths of the ocean or winter season. Therefore, look for clothes with shades that are along that line like royal blue, emerald green, lavender, and grey among others. Avoid wearing orange or strong yellows like mustard which will only clash with your skin completely.




For people with warm skin tones, earthy colours suit best with olive green, honey gold, and fire engine red being examples of that specific type. Basically, every shade of orange, red, and yellow are perfectly fine with your skin. However, your colours are not limited to those three. You could wear every other colour but remember to go for its darker tone. For example, if you want to wear blue, go for indigo or midnight which are both categorized on the darker side of the initial colour.




Neutral-skinned people have it easy since they look good on every hue available on the wheel. However, be careful of blindingly bright colours and opt for a softened or muted version of a specific colour instead. Cornsilk yellow, dusty pink, jade green, and off-whites are some of the colours for neutral-coloured skin types.


Universally acceptable

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If all else fails, get a clothing item that is universally flattering for any types of skin colour no matter if you are cool, warm, or neutral. Pure black and white are the best examples which goes great with everyone’s skin colour. Also, teal with the right mixture of blue and green is a must-have colour to be added to your t-shirt collection. Eggplant purple is another colour that looks good on anyone.


Have you been wearing clothes according to your skin tone correctly? Or are you the type that does not care and wear whatever? Tell us at the comments section below!