What to Wear at Every Music Festival


Music fans in Malaysia look forward to the end of the year because music festivals tend to happen around this time of year. Unlike in other countries where summer is usually the time when massive music festivals happen, this one seems to hold its festivals in the months ending with “ber” to end the year with a bang.

Just this week we have Urbanscapes which will take place for two weeks straight with R&B singer Khalid headlining the festival, KL Big Party which will have more than 20 local underground bands playing at a sold-out venue, and Death Returns where all metalheads unite to enjoy loud music. But how do you dress for these events? You have to look the part to fit right or you will feel out of place at a show that caters to a specific audience.

Do not worry though, we have a list of how you should dress for every type of music festival.


1.    An open field festival

Paris HC str F17 007.jpg

Music festivals in Malaysia are usually held outdoors since our climate is just perfect for a day of fun with good music playing in the background. However, because it is the end of the year, rain starts to pour heavily as it is rainy season at this side of the world. Therefore, it is wise to wear boots to an open field festival to avoid your white sneakers from being covered in mud.


2.    A rock show

rock on.jpg

If you have ever been to a rock show, you will notice one form of common colour being worn there: black. Black seems to resonate with these rockers as it is an easy colour which every person there can pull off regardless of his/her shape and size. Also, a leather jacket and a pair of distressed jeans would add to your rockstar look of the day.


3.    A Coachella-like event

bajet hipster.jpg

Coachella have not only impacted the music scene but the fashion scene as well. This is evident when many girls start to wear flower crowns and dress up as if they are going to a desert in California. This outfit includes long flowy dresses or tops which act as outerwear, short jeans, and accessories that compliment your get-up.


4.    A hip hop showcase

hippity hoppoty.jpg

With the reintroduction of hip hop culture to the Malaysian crowd with new rappers like Airliftz, Aman Ra, and Zamaera, concerts of this genre are being held more often than ever around the nation. It being a new age of hip hop, their fashion sense has also changed to today’s trend. Gone are the days of low hanging gold chains and baggy jeans, in with slim cut jeans and floral printed tops or an oversized statement tee.


5.    An EDM party

unch unch.jpg

Going to an EDM concert means going to a dance party. You are going to sweat a lot by dancing your butt off to banging electronic music with loud bass drops. Therefore, you should definitely wear comfortable clothes when heading to a festival filled with party people. skip the dressy wear and opt for something lighter like a tank top with shorts and a pair of comfortable sneakers. Oh, and glowsticks! Don’t forget your glowsticks.



So, which types of concerts do you usually attend? How do you dress there? Share with is at the comments section below!